Choosing Eyeliner

The eye pencil is, with the mascara, the foundation, and the lip balm, one of the most used cosmetic products, one of the most popular make-up products. Every woman has at least one, because this little pencil can help you a lot when you do not have time to do a real make-up. For example, if you are at school or at work and you do not wear any make-up, or you have to go to a date or to an important meeting, what can you do? You can do many kinds of make-up; you can make a natural and simple one, or a very complicated one. The only thing you need is the little eye pencil. On the market, you can find a variety of eye pencils; you can buy a very cheep one or a very expensive one. This depends on your budget and depends a lot if you are a person who uses make-up or not. You can also choose many colors, there is a large variety of colors, more, and then 12.You can wear the same color as the clothes and the outline of your eyes, too. The eye pencil can be necessary as well to make some body paintings, when you want something nice only for a day.

The application is very easy: you outline with the pencil your eye and after that, you fix it with some powder, but before you begin to outline, you should use some heat and apply a little the tip of the pencil there. This is good especially if another person uses your pencil too, and in this way, you eliminate the microbes. However, listen to our advice and do not lend your eye pencil because it is not hygienic. For a dramatic look, after you have heated the tip, you can use a little water and in this case, the eyes will be more intense.

If your hair is black, you can use colors like black, which is the most used color, or others like silver or brown. If you like the white pencil, you can use it with moderation because imagine how would you look with black hair and white-eye make-up, like a porcelain. If you have red or brown hair, you can also use black, grey, but you must avoid blue and green, because the contrast is to strong. If your hair is blonde, you can use purple, black, green, blue, and the color of gold. You must avoid white and silver because these colors are only for bronzed persons.

If your skin is sun tanned, you can use gold and silver and every other color, the only colors you must avoid are white and black. You can use the pencil like eye shadow and like an outline. If your eyes are close one to the other, you must highlight the outside of your eye to create the feeling of distance. If your eyes are distant, you must highlight the inside of your eye. You must be careful with the quality of the pencil because you can provoke an illness to your eyes and it is very difficult to treat.

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