Applying Lipstick

In order to apply lipstick perfectly you have to consider several tricks. We will tell you how you can have perfect lips just as you want.

First, you have to know that it is not hygienic to use the tester directly on your lips. Thus, when you want to buy a lipstick, test it on the interior side of your palm.

If you have chosen the suitable shade, you have to know that the use of lip liner before the lipstick application is necessary in order to enjoy the lipstick color more. You must always use similar tones of lip liner and lipstick. You can remove excessive lipstick if you use a tissue, which you should hold between your lips. Press the lips against it two or three times and that is it!

You will not have any more problems like lipstick on your teeth. Discover new shades by using simultaneously more lipsticks whose colors will mix spectacularly, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

For a perfect application, use a special brush. You can spread the lipstick more easily. Avoid shades of orange and brown because they create an effect of yellow teeth. This piece of advice must be important for those whose teeth enamel pigment is darker. In order to create a sensual lips effect you can use transparent or glowing gloss. Moreover, you can use as well the lipstick as blush. A real blush will never replace a lipstick.

Lipsticks can have different functions or qualities like brightness, color, maintenance, texture, transparence or translucence and resistance.

Not all these qualities are in the same lipstick and few women know it; a woman usually purchases a lipstick for its color not for what it offers. Sometimes the lipstick having your favorite color is classical therefore it is not very resistant or it is resistant but it does not satisfy you from other points of view.

Lipstick generically called 24 hours is a myth; we have to consider that out of 24 hours, we sleep for eight hours, a few hours represent spare time and you spend eight or more hours at work. For these hours spent at work, a resistant lipstick is perfect.

Here are some easy tricks, which contribute to extending lipstick resistance:

Lips need perfect hydration, nourishment from different treatment from classical sticks destined for this purpose or through traditional methods like using honey.

Before applying lipstick, you will apply over the entire surface of the lips a fine layer of foundation.

The foundation layer needs a powder layer for fixation. Thus, lips become totally neuter.

You can draw the lips’ shape (recommended on the natural contour) with a lip liner.

The lip liner needs powder for fixation. Apply the lipstick within the contour created. In order to increase lipstick adherence, use corrector instead of foundation and the lip liner can cover the entire surface of the lips.

For resistant lipsticks by their formula, there are rules necessary in order to benefit from this function like nourishing and hydrating your lips for example.

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