Applying Nail Polish

If you want to have expressive hands, you must have a perfect manicure. Warm manicure is the most professional one. Its main advantage is treating the nail and avoiding cuticles cut. The procedure is not difficult at all: you have to dip your hand into a bowl, for ten minutes and in the bowl, there is a warm cream, especially created for nails, which contributes to cuticles removal. Then you can massage the hand and remove grease from the nails (this is a very important phase in order to make nail polish longer lasting).

Then you have to push forward the cuticles with a special stick and a special oil or gel for cuticles – this is an efficient American technique, which leads in a few months to their definitive removal; you can apply then a protective lacquer, with vitamins and then two nail polish layers. For shine and resistance, you should not neglect a top usage

Cold manicure

It appeals in general to those who are used to cutting cuticles and estheticians in general do not recommend this technique, because cutting cuticles stimulates their growing. Thus on long term they can even become unaesthetic.

You have to dip your hand into a bowl of warm water, then push the agnail and clean the area using a special stick. Cut the lateral excess of cuticles grown in time.

Most of the times, the most beautiful look is the simplest one. This theory is valid for manicure as well. Hands are women’s business cards. Irrespective if nails are red, white, with rhinestones or a lacquer layer, if the manicure is neat and the hands are clean, the image is pleasant.

How to file nails properly

The first step towards an impeccable manicure is nails filing. You need for this procedure a four-sided buffer and each of them assures a specific filing degree. The buffer sides are in general numbered and the procedure is easy, as you only have to respect the order of the ciphers, starting with the roughest side and finishing with the finest one.

How to remove cuticles correctly

Once the nails filed you can handle cuticles. After you remove them using a special instrument, which must not be sharp in order not to scratch the nail area and even to destroy its root, dip your hand into a bowl with warm water with little liquid soap. Remove cuticles you want to cut using a special stick. Do not cut them!

How to hydrate hands skin

Filed and without cuticles hands start to have another aspect. Now they need hydration. Use a cream or special oil for hands and massage, insisting upon the cuticles area and the backhand.

How to apply nail polish

Now your nails are ready to receive nail polish. Before the color, you have to apply a transparent lacquer layer, which has the role to protect the nail.

Let it dry for two minutes and start coloring your nails.

Make sure the brush you spread nail polish with is soft and it does not leave marks on the nail.

If you follow these steps you will have a perfect manicure for sure. Alegerea culorii ramane la latitudinea dumneavoastra.

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