Makeup for Teenagers

Some mothers manifest restlessness concerning the cosmetics used by their daughters and their effect on the skin, but there are cosmetics that teenagers can use, created especially for them. Cleaning the face is the first step in daily caring of the skin, cleaning the face 2-3 times per day is necessary for a normal skin.

If your skin is dry, it is better to avoid washing face frequently and you should use a special lotion for dry skin: linseed lotion.

Teenagers should choose a natural aspect apply light makeup because their skin is still young and beautiful in a natural way.

Kind and subtle are two key words that the teenagers should remember when they start to makeup. The perfect colors are those close to the color of skin or add savor to the face like pink, beige, and gray. Look some steps that any teenager girl follows to become a   prosperous beauty.

  • Use a pencil corrector suitable for your type of skin, to cover any flaw, circles, and scar.
  • Use a toothbrush to brush your eyebrow.
  • Use a gray pencil to replenish free spaces of your eyebrow
  • Use a gray pencil to align your eyelashes
  • Apply some brown mascara but if your eyelashes are black, you can use black mascara.
  • If your skin has a warm nuance, use on your cheeks a peach tint, but in the case of a cold nuance use pink veil.
  • Use natural colors of lipstick or a simple lip-gloss for a natural aspect and you are ready for party.

How to Protect your Skin

How old are you when you start protecting your skin? In general, at 10-11 when the hormones start to play with you. In time your needs will change. However, take care! What make you look good today tomorrow can provoke the appearance of stains or pimples.

Hydrating Cream

Even at early age, you can start to use a hydrate cream, but take care not to use greasy cream, more suitable for dry skin. Choose an easy product, which does not block your pores, and use it once a day, before going to bed.

The acne is the problem number one at teenagers. Your hair and face always have to be clean and wash your hands and do not put them on your face. There are many products against acne.

You can use Make Up

The majority of teenagers start to apply makeup when they are 12- 13. The makeup has to be discreet, natural to highlight beautiful features. Again, too much is not good! Maybe when you go to a party you want to show your makeup showy.

When you finished applying makeup, look at yourself in the mirror where light is bright. You do not want to look like a clown.

It is not necessary to use foundation cream. This can plug your pores and the face is too heavy. You can use a corrector for your red stains. Apply some powder all over your face to give it a uniform nuance, to control the sebaceous glands and to fix the corrector.

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