How to Shave

Shaving means the removal of unwanted and excess hair from any part of the body in general. But the precise term of shaving is widely used for eliminating the facial hair on the men’s beard. Shaving makes the man look well groomed and younger. While shaving, the man exfoliates his facial skin by getting rid of the dead cells. For getting the most effective and easy yet smoother shave, the experts have suggested several steps that are worth considering, such as:

  • Wet the face especially the beard area with warm water. The wet wash cloth could also be applied over the beard for a few minutes before initiating the shave for softening the skin and hair around the beard required to be shaved off.
  • Take some cold water in any container or just fill the basin sink halfway with water.
  • Replace the used blade in your regular safety razor with the new and fresh one.
  • Take the foam in your hand or gel or shaving cream on the shaving brush and apply it on the entire beard generating sufficient foam or lather. Proper foams would help further softening the skin and the hair around the beard making easy to shave. The quantity of such foams may be ascertained according to the growth of the beard or facial hair.
  • Start shaving in single downward direction initiating from the top left or right side of the face in an uniform manner, preferably from near the sideburns area progressing towards the jaws. Remember to apply light but firm pressure while sliding the razor over the beard pulling the facial skin tight in opposite direction while applying every stroke.
  • Rinse the razor with warm water preferably after each stroke or two strokes at the most for keeping the razor from getting blocked with the shaved hair trapped within it.
  • Shave the area around the chin by stretching the skin appropriately, and shave in upward direction in that area for making it smooth and hair-free. Especially while shaving on the throat area the razor should be held in downward direction and pulled from throat towards the chin area i.e. in upward direction for getting the smoother shave.
  • While shaving on the upper lip region, keep the lip over the front teeth for keeping the skin tight enough to support smooth shave.
  • Wash off the surplus shaving cream and check the face for any remnant irregular hair, check the edges of the jaws, near the ear regions or around your lips and nostrils for any leftover hair. The above process should be repeated in case and remnant hair are noticed and are required to be shaved off.
  • Drain out the stored water from the basin sink or the container and wash your face with cold water. Pat dry the skin and apply some good quality aftershave lotion or cream for antiseptic purpose and elegant fragrance too.

Things worth remembering: if any cuts or scratch takes place while shaving, apply some good antiseptic lotion or cream to stop bleeding and irritating further. Avoid over strokes in the same area over and over. Try to use the double bladed razor for getting smoother and cleaner shave at little efforts. Avoid using used blades and try to maintain hygiene values.

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