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Braun offers a number of shaving products for men. Under the Braun shave brand are many types of products available for dry shaving, electric shavers, and the replacement parts. These products can be found in many retail stores and online shops, however, it is also possible to directly order your products from Braun through their own website and direct links. There are also a number of retailers that directly work with Braun and are able to quickly supply you with needed replacement parts.

Braun GmbH is a company based in Germany and the headquarters is located in Kronberg. It has its origins in Frankfurt and the founder was a man named Max Braun who was an engineer and started by building radios. However, in the 1950’s the Braun company introduced its first electric shaver to the market, and it is this product that Braun is nowadays known for. The Braun company was a completely owned subsidiary of Gillette from 1984 up until 2005, and since then (also until now) it has been a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble. Braun manufactures high quality products that also include shaving and grooming products, especially for men. This first electric shaver first went into production sometime in 1951, however it does have a longer history than that. This model had actually first been developed in 1938 right before the beginning of the second world war, but due to overwhelming circumstances, it could only be marketed after the war was over and things had settled down in Germany.

The Braun shave provides a man with a unique shaving experience. Even today Braun has a wide array of shaving products available, all of which are for electric dry shaving. There are presently eight current Braun shave models available, all with unique features and improvements for the best possible shave. The eight models that are today being marketed are the Pulsonic, 360 complete, SyncroPro, Contour Series, Smart Control 3, Free Control, cruZer, and the Pocket go. Braun shave offers products that are popular around the world, but this quality does have its price and many of these new and innovative electric razors costs around the $200. On the other hand, with quality comes the reliability and sturdiness which means that even though the initial investment is somewhat higher, it will pay out in the end and you will not need to replace your electric shaver every year. The Braun shave also offers the most comfort and there is less a risk of cutting or wounding with a high quality electric shaver than with a cheaper brand. Some new innovations of the Braun shave include features like the cleaning and renewing function which enables you to (by the Pulsonic) to push a button and your device will automatically clean, lubricate, dry and charge itself again. There are also new kinds of improved blades and even combs that ensure that the hair will actually be cut by the blade.

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