Clinique Skin Care for Men

Clinique is a classical cosmetic company that used to only carry beauty products for women, however, that has changed. They now offer complete product lines that are specially made to meet men’s needs. The main reason that men’s cosmetic products are fairly new to the market is the fact that men were just not interested in such products. Recently though, there has been an increasing number of men who are also taking better care of their skin and taking more time to groom themselves, and that is why the Clinique skin care for men line has been introduced.

There is a wide range of products now available that fall into four main categories and they are for skin care, shaving, grooming and cologne. Currently, there are only two types of men’s fragrances available from Clinique.

The Clinique skin care for men range of products is made up of the so-called 3 step process which includes using three different products of your choice, all of which have special formulas that are made extra for men.

Since the men’s shaving industry is such an expanding market due to the fact that more and more men are interested in high quality and special products from famous brands, the Clinique skin care for men product line also includes a fairly wide range of special shaving products. There are the exfoliating Clinique pre- shave scrubs, shaving creams, gels, and oils, and even a special electric shave primer.

The Clinique skin care for men range also consists of several grooming products. These products are hair maximizing serum and shampoo, exfoliating body wash, bronzer, antiperspirant deoderant (in stick form), daily eye hydrator and much more. For the skin care line there are different kinds of liquid face washes and scruffing lotions, face soap, lip balm and even moisturizers such as the M-lotion  or M Protect 21 which is a moisturizer with integrates sunscreen protection.

The Clinique skin care for men products have been successful and are of high quality. Some of these men’s products have even won different awards, such as the FHM grooming award in the year 2005. It is, anyhow, wrong to believe everything that you see or hear. Although men’s products as a rule are somehow different from the women’s products, there is not always as much of a difference as one is led into believing. There is a great example to be found even in the Clinique product line. It is a fact, although little known, that the award winning M-Lotion for the men is in no way different than the moisturizing lotion used by the women, that is, if one leaves out the differently colored packaging and overall exterior appearance.

A great source of information and to find the complete line of Clinique skin care for men products is to go directly to the Clinique website. From there you can find out what you need to know, can send an email to ask a question and even directly order.

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