Norelco 7610X Quadra 7 Men’s Shaving System

Ever since the concept of shaving has been invented on the earth a few centuries ago, the people connected with the context keep on attempting newer things to ease and further sophisticate the process to the best possible extent. There are various companies that have been dedicating towards extensive research and studies on the subject and have gradually come out with several innovative devices to get the smoother and cleaner shave to the human males all over the world. The names of some of the giants in this industry include Gillette, Philips and Norelco for instance. However, Norelco is the division of the world famous Philips Electronics of North America Corporation which is the subsidiary of Royal Philips Electronics N.V.

Norelco is entirely dedicated to design and develop inventive men’s grooming measures through the extensive research and perceptive modernizations. Norelco is also better known for its men’s personal grooming products which include electric razors of various designs and styles besides beards and moustache trimmer devices. Norelco has been fortunate enough to attain the most significant milestones within over the past five decades which includes the introduction of contemporary electric razors sometimes during the year 1867. The company introduced its most popular Tripleheader razor in the year 1967. The range of its products consists of electric shavers or electric razors, replacement razor heads, related batteries and spare parts besides many more.

Amongst various products of this company, Norelco 7610X Quadra 7 is the most unique and precision cutting system electric razor. The original, registered and impulse action system automatically adjusts to ever curvature it comes across on the face while shaving for flexible and smoother shavings. The device offers the advanced lift and cut techniques with the help of its dual blade technology which lifts hair on the beard for cutting them comfortably even below the skin levels. Norelco 7610X Quadra 7 has the unique stainless steel blades for providing the most convenient and closer shaving experience. Its individually balanced heads support the razor sharp blades closer to the beard skin for providing the excellent closeness. This novel device is proved to be most easily and comfortably shaving even in the difficult areas such as under the nose / nostrils and chin. It also offers the full width, pop-up trimmer that is ideal for grooming the sideburns and moustaches.

This is the unique cordless razor, equipped with LED charging indicator light, and requires to be charged for 8 hours approximately for full charging which provides nearly 45 minutes of close shaving. The hair collection chamber provided in the Norelco electric razor gathers and holds all the shaven hair. The company also provides the razor storage travel-worthy pouch that easily and neatly holds the razor device, the cap for protecting its head-blades as well as the quality cleaning brush. The product is so designed that it can easily function even at different voltage ranging between 100V to 240V of AC current flow. Over and above the creators of this matchless shaving instrument offers its valued customers form any corners of the world, the unique 60 day money-back guarantee. So why think more, go get it and experience closeness of your loved-ones.

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