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When you think of shaving products, you can imagine a handsome man in a morning, ready to go to work, leaving behind him a soft and delicate after shave fragrance. Therefore shaving products are very important for any man and you have to choose them carefully according to your skin type and your personality of course, as it is very difficult nowadays to make a choice taking into account that each shop offers you a multitude of such products. You have to know that your skin after getting shaved is the result of the shaving products you purchase, but before going shopping you should have some information about the best shaving products for your skin.

First of all, an essential shaving product is the razor, which can be manual or electric. Manual razors which are equipped with a single blade are in general avoided by men because they can irritate their skin. The best razors are double or triple bladed. On the one hand these razors get closer to your skin and the shaving result is a clean, smooth skin.

Now if you have decided upon the right razor for you, you have to purchase a shaving cream, gel or soap. These products can be combined with water, getting your skin wet and offering the best conditions for shaving. These products can be applied on your face using a special brush or only your fingers. The ingredients which are contained by these products, especially fats and glycerin help your skin get smooth and soft. There are as well shaving creams which are applied on your skin without being combined with water.

Gels can be also used successfully and their advantage is that through their special ingredients they form that soft and delicate foam which makes any man who is shaving look like Santa Claus with his white beard for a few minutes.

To continue with, a lot of men use shaving brushes, made of badger hair. If you are an animal lover you don’t have to worry, because the hair is collected from the badgers back through methods which are not painful for the animal, and its hair can grow very rapidly. The main advantage of shaving brushes is that it keeps water inside and it can get your skin dry easily. It is recommended to keep it in a special holder, in order to be dry and not to collect dust or other impurities in the air.

Not only women have to look after their skin. There are now scrub and exfoliating lotions which are used by men in order to get rid of dead cells and to soften your skin.

The shaving equipment also needs a shaving mug, in which you must keep water warm and you have to dip your shaving brush too.

Furthermore, after shave products are necessary too, in order to hydrate your skin. They can be gels, lotions, balms or moisturizer. After applying after shave products men can feel really cool because all of them have refreshing effects upon your skin.

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