The Basics Of Mineral Makeup

With all the media hype surrounding the introduction of mineral makeup, it is easy to be overwhelmed. You would think that this is the most significant development in the cosmetics industry, and in some ways it in fact is. With a combination of strikingly subtle looks and certain beneficial effects on the skin, mineral makeup may just be the product that will make a difference for you. And when you have tried out its unique glowing and luminescent effect that is particularly striking under ideal lighting conditions, you just may have one of the most potent enhancement aids in your makeup kit.

What it is

All types of mineral makeup products–the range covers everything from foundation to blush, eyeshadow to lipstick–are made from varying blends of minerals that include talc, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Most mineral makeup products do not contain any preservatives, oils, fragrances or dyes.

The benefits of mineral makeup

The absence of irritants in most mineral makeup brands means that you are less likely to experience any irritation or inflammation. People with oily skin are particularly prone to pore clogging that results from the use of products that contain emollients, which mineral makeup is typically free of. And if you have sensitive skin that breaks out from certain fragrances, mineral makeup is the ideal choice for you. Mineral makeup also offers a certain degree of sun protection thanks to its zinc oxide content.

Mineral makeup and sun protection

So does the protective quality of mineral makeup mean that you don't need any additional sunscreen product? Unfortunately, no. The level of protection offered by mineral makeup is not enough to protect you from all the harmful effects of UV radiation, so you would do well to use another sunscreen to get the maximum amount of protection.

Does mineral makeup make your skin’s texture better?
The jury is still out on this one. With any product that offers a degree of protection from the sun, there will be some beneficial effects to using them. What is more considerable however is the aesthetic effect that the use of mineral makeup provides. This is more apparent and noticeable than any sun protection that you can get. This should be seen as a cosmetic effect however, rather than as an actual improvement on the condition of the skin.

What’s in the particles?

The use of reflective particles in mineral makeup gives the products its distinctive shiny and glowing look. Unfortunately, the absence of any binder to hold these particles together can make mineral makeup a bit hard to handle. This is why mineral makeup should be applied only very lightly at first, with additional layers applied only as needed.

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