History of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become the need of the hour for the youth who want to get great figures and perfect facial features. They want to look as they wish. Plastic surgery however has now become a crude business as many entrants, who are not certified plastic surgeons have entered in this field. There is a social schizophrenia around to get great looks and body. Taking advantage of this many people has come in to cheat. But thankfully there are good surgeons also to keep the morals and ethics of plastic surgery alive. It has now gained grounds around the world but it actually dates back to long time ago.

The advancements of plastic surgery are phenomenal, but plastic surgery is not new. The history of plastic surgery goes back hundreds of years. Supposedly the first plastic surgeon was an Indian man name Susrutha, who started the history of plastic surgery with skin grafts. This surgeon lived in the 8th century, and the history of plastic surgery contends that he did nose and ear surgery to improve the appearance of people afflicted with unbecoming features. There is a written history of plastic surgery continuing into the 18th century. The Romans continued the history of plastic surgery with ear surgery as well. And we thought that it is the recent quest.

There is written evidence of the history of plastic surgery in Europe as early as the sixteen hundreds. The procedures noted also include nose surgery. The history of plastic surgery does not become common until the 19th century. Plastic surgery was restricted until the invention of anesthesia. With the procedures for anesthesia came the possibilities of more extensive plastic surgery procedures. According to the history of plastic surgery, the first procedures were completed in America in the early 19th century. The procedures of plastic surgery became more common with the injuries suffered during the First World War.

As medical techniques improved, the techniques of plastic surgery did as well. During the Second World War, there were many surgeries done to repair damage to military people injured during the battles. Important improvement in the history of plastic surgery led to help for people in need of reconstructive surgery. The plastic surgeons began to do more for people disfigured with serious burns.

In the last part of the twentieth century and at the beginning of twenty first century, the number of people using plastic surgery increased substantially. Many people turned to plastic surgery for many different procedures. Many people employed the services of plastic surgeons to remove fat from their bodies, to redesign their facial features and augment their breasts. Millions of dollars have been spent on plastic surgery in recent years. The procedures are popular with both men and women. Plastic surgery is popular in the United States and in many different countries around the world. And today plastic surgery has become very common. There are many certified surgeons competing among them. There are many different plastic surgery procedures for changing noses and lips. There are other procedures for breast and bum augmentation. Other good plastic surgery fixes burns and bruises. Plastic surgery is so popular that many surgeons have started performing plastic surgery procedures even though they are not trained specifically for plastic surgery. There are instances where physicians that have not been trained in any type of surgery have done plastic surgery on patients. This is truly horrifying. The results are worst. However there are good people also.

Celebrities have become very much dependent on these procedures. It helps to give youthful look to your face. It is also helpful in case of any scars or injuries on your body and face. It is used to remove excess body fat and reshape your body parts. There are many new developments in this field with the beginning of each new day.

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