Classic Styles of Prom Dresses

The word which defines your style is without a doubt “classical”. And what could be more suitable for your graduation party for example than a classical dress?

That is why we can suggest you something really classical: a black dress. At eight decades after Coco Chanel impressed the fashion world with this creation, considered then shocking, the black prom dress has reached its maximum success now, being an essential item of clothing in each woman’s wardrobe. And maybe its simplicity, which fascinated women in the 1920s, was its basic advantage, which helped it survive without a problem to any fashion requirements. Starting with easy shirt lines, Coco Chanel launched in 1926 a creation considered rather austere in a period when women’s clothes were full of colour, a knee length dress when the others were ground length and incredibly black. It was a real revolution in fashion. Thus a colour which in many cultures used to symbolize death and mourning became a synonym of stylish, sophisticated looks. Moreover it matched any body shape, becoming a symbol of free, strong, independent women. And the material it was made of provoked as well a sort of revolution, because the jersey had been previously used only for underwear.

That is why, a simple prom dress not only matches and faces all kinds of occasions, but it will be for sure the perfect choice for your dream party. Black dresses continue nowadays too, successfully, to be an inspired choice for special evenings and in any part of the world at least 10 women out of 12 will tell you that a black dress is one of their seduction secrets. Therefore, it is classical, but seducing!

You have multiple options to choose a classical style of a prom dress for special evenings. And you have to take into account that the luxury represented by a classical item must make you feel comfortable; otherwise you can’t consider it luxury anymore.

According to your style you can wear it in more manners. On the one hand there are sophisticated versions of black dresses addressed to high life people. On the other hand there is the punk rock movement which invented the trash and dirty versions of the black dress: cut, torn, made of leather or lycra, matched with safety pins or other metallic objects. Part of extreme elements of punk style were taken over by great fashion houses, when black dresses which were cut, with deep neck lines and equipped with safety pins became a “must have”. Other types used to compliment feminine shapes, assuring agile movements and refusing artificial and non-practical aspects of elegance.

It will be your choice for sure when you will discover that even if it is simple and subtle, it is actually very sexy and fascinating and it became quite rapidly a classical one, finding a place in the floodlights launching careers, marking critical moments, causing controversies, even scandals.

Familiar and full of mystery though, sexy and discreet in the same time a black prom dress has never lost popularity, maybe because it is great whatever is the material used for it or its model.

Classic Styles of Prom Dresses Pictures

Classic Styles of Prom Dresses Classic Styles of Prom Dresses Classic Styles of Prom Dresses
Classic Styles of Prom Dresses Classic Styles of Prom Dresses Classic Styles of Prom Dresses

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