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Designers all over the world realize collections dedicated entirely to prom dresses. Among these amazing prom dresses there are unique prom dresses which have amazing prices as well…

Famous prom dresses designers create them according to your order and they are glamorous and extravagant: surprising colors, from pink to light green and blue, or with precious elements applied: pearls, diamonds, and crystals.

We thought of satisfying your curiosity, presenting you some of the most expensive designer prom dresses in the world.

Yumi Katsura, a famous Japanese prom dress designer has created a very expensive prom dress, which costs about 31.2 million dollars. It is made of a special material, and is endowed with 1000 pearls, a diamond of 8.8 carats and a diamond of 5 carats of white gold, which is one of the only two existent in the world.

The second position in this top is occupied by a designer prom dress which costs 12 million dollars and was made in 2006 by Renee Strausse. It has applied hundreds of diamonds.

Giorgio Armani is another famous prom dress designer. His creations are famous by Swarovski crystals sewn on it with patience and skill.

Vera Wang launches every year a special line of prom dresses and Oscar de la Renta is another famous prom dress designer. Even if most of you cannot afford to buy such prom dresses, you can watch them at least as source of inspiration.

To continue with, we can add a must have of this season as far as prom dresses are concerned: fur. Natural or artificial, fur is used by most of the prom dress designers, like Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin, Prada, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Dolce $ Gabanna, Balenciaga and the list can continue.

From New York to Milan via Paris and London, international designers have reinvented fur, offering it new shapes, daring colors and special lines, in order to offer your prom dress a unique image.

The source of inspiration has been the romantic period of the Russian Revolution, characterized by decorative embroideries and luxuriant fur accessories.

Unlike other prom dress designers, Valentino Garavani adores living in the world of those for whom he creates fashionable clothes.

Appreciated by Hollywood stars and by other stars as well, he is always surrounded by the hottest stars of the moment and he has become a standard for a social class which follows his directions. The most important one – once you have made a first step towards celebrity, you have to buy immediately a prom dress from him, waiting for an Oscar gala or an invitation to dinner at the White House. Actually these are the favorite settings of the Italian designer, the only ones which are accepted by him and he recommends them to any woman who is wearing his creations.

Probably in these settings he has met Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor or Kim Basinger who represent only a small part of his faithful customers, who are in general stars who have been immediately receptive to the glamour specific to any Valentino creation.

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Prom Dress Designers Prom Dress Designers Prom Dress Designers
Prom Dress Designers Prom Dress Designers Prom Dress Designers

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