White Prom Dress

When you have your prom and you are decided to wear a white dress you have to take care with all the accessories. You can imagine you are a good fairy coming from midsummer night’s dream or from another remote realm, in order to send love to all the people around you, or a delicate angel landing on Earth from a fuzzy cloud, or even a happy bride on her wedding day. But let’s get back to your white prom dress.

Firstly you need a pair of comfortable sandals. For this white dress you can add some meticulous embroidery with appliqués of hand made lace, having a line for all the body shapes.

Wearing this white dress it must be accessorized with a pair of dull rings. And in the same time it is important for this white dress to be added more color for not giving the impression of bride dress. As far as shoes are concerned, the black sandals are suitable for a white dress. This dress can be combined with a pair of black braces which confer it a note of originality. Like accessories, a simple pair of earrings. The sandals can have high or spike heels with model girdles in front of them.

Ok, you have now a wonderful white dress but what should you do with your making up? Of course, for this question we have an answer as well. A girl who is wearing a white prom dress should wear cold shades of makeup. The making up has to be natural, in glazed nuances because of the powerful blaze which the color of the white dress gives. It can be used false eyelids, nacres, remaining at the base an intense making up. And also for the body can be applied a glazed cream. For a white dress it is important to take into consideration the type of complexion for knowing what making up is proper for you.

If the complexion is light we need to use a warm making up, in pink nuances, which are toned with an eyes prominent making up. If the prom takes place in the night, then is used pink make-up with a transparent and glittering texture.

If you have a normal complexion and which is bronzed than it is perfectly for fresh pink nuances especially in a white dress prom.

For the fair girls are more adequate the peach tones as while for dark-skinned girls look more brilliant in raspberry nuances.

Girls! Don’t hesitate to wear a white prom dress! You have all the chances to look well in the vision of all the people from the prom and you can feel like princesses or fairies, angels or queens because white color means light, it means innocence and kind heart, it means pure love like a clear water in a heavenly garden.

A white prom dress, associated with glamorous jewels and with shimmering makeup will make your prom party unforgettable, not only for you, but for all your class mates too. You can be sure that you will be the attraction of that evening, like the moon in the starry sky.

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White Prom Dress White Prom Dress White Prom Dress
White Prom Dress White Prom Dress White Prom Dress

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