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Reviewed by Stephanie Anderson:

“I’ve been using Breast Actives pills for nearly two months, and the results are astounding. After giving birth to two children, I thought my toughest challenge was going to be losing the weight I had gained. How wrong I was! I got the weight off, but my boobs were gone with it! I needed something to help fill up the empty parts of me that used to be my breasts. That’s when I found the Breast Active pills and gave them a try. Within those two months, my boobs are starting to come back! They are growing, and are starting to become firmer as well. The difference is awesome, and I would completely recommend Breast Active pills to any female looking to enhance her breasts, or get back the breasts she had before a pregnancy!” 

Reviewed by Nancy:

“I would absolutely recommend Breast Actives pills! I am a mother who has breast fed all of her children. Before I had children, I had nice, firm, perky breasts, but now, after I have given birth and breast fed 3 kids, I feel like a 60 year old woman! I went from a large B cup before I breast fed, to an A cup after, and I became very self conscious about myself, especially in front of my husband. Now that I take Breast Active pills I can put on those old shirts and bra’s and actually feel good in them again! On top of that, I feel like my husband has the old me back, and that makes me feel great!” 

Reviewed by Jennifer Krahn:

“I took the Breast Actives pills for 3 months and gained around 7 pounds. My boobs did get larger and became noticeably firmer, but the weight gain made me somewhat frightened me. Maybe it was hormones? I don’t know, but either way, these things sure do work, and I really appreciate the product!” 

Reviewed by Lanai:

“It has been nearly 6 months since I started taking the pills. For the first 2 months I hardly saw any result, and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. Finally after about two and a half months, I realized my breasts were getting slightly larger. Now, after almost 6 months, they have gotten noticeable larger in size, and more perky and less droopy. I will keep taking the Breast Actives until they quit working!” 

Reviewed by Ashley L.:

“After only 4 months of taking Breast Actives, my boobs have grown a full cup! I went from a 34C to a 36D! They are also more firm and tight, which I love, and so does my boyfriend! I take 3 pills every day, and just placed my order for more pills and cream.”

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