Barnacles of Aging: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, Liquid Nitrogen Therapy

Seborrheic keratoses is the medical name for Barnacles of Aging. These are harmless spots and skin growth that occur in adult life. Its association with aging resulted in its name. Women are particularly concerned since they hate the appearance of these skin growths. There are varying degrees of pigmentation with Barnacles of Aging.

The development of these skin growths depends on epidermal growth factors, which result from the proliferation of epidermal cells. Eventually they become darker with a wart appearance but usually start as light brown spots. Sun tan lotions can cause some to become almost black but they are not related to skin cancer. They typically feel and look like wax and occur mostly on the chest. They will not spread and they aren't contagious. The surface may appear irregular with some and they may have little black or white circles in the middle.

Barnacles of Aging Appear for a Number of Reasons

These can be inherited as indicated by research. An abnormal increase of melanin in the epidermal layers of the skin is the cause. Pigmentation is the result of excessive exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun. A major role is played by aging. Several factors are involved in the break down of the skin. The upper layers of the skin have a binding morter which becomes thinner. The skin becomes less flexible in the deeper layers of collagen and elastin. Wrinkles and spots appear as a result. Uncovered and covered areas of the body can have them appear.

You Can Treat Seborrheic Keratoses with Liquid Nitrogen

A spray gun is used to spray this cold liquefied gas on the skin. Treatment requires it to be done a total of three times. The result is a freezing of the Barnacles of Aging along with pre-cancers and warts.

Side Effects of Liquid Nitrogen Therapy

While the skin thaws a burning feeling occurs. After the treatment the skin becomes red and swollen with blisters. For about four weeks a crust will develop and stay. After the crust is gone then so will the itching. After the crust falls off a permanent white flat scar may be left. You may have to return for further therapy is the treatment fails.

The itching from clothing rubbing again the skin growths can be reduced with alpha-hydroxy lotions and mild topical steroid creams. If they continue to itch or bleed then they should be removed. For the removal of skin growths you can use glycolic acid.

Another type of treatment is scraping the keratosis off with a curette. This form of treatment is normally only used when there is just one or two. If a keratoses has turned black then this method of treatment may be used to take one off for a biopsy if needed since it can be difficult to distinguish it from skin cancer. This methods leaves scars and takes longer to heal.

Who Gets Barnacles of Aging?

In older people this is the most common benign tumor. This skin growth can develop in younger people who were exposed to sunlight without protection. Both men and women are affected by it. It is most often seen in people with a light complexion and less likely in those with dark skins. While unattractive and itchy or catching on clothing which causes it to become aggravated the skin growth doesn't cause death. These skin growths have been shown by research to be found on ninety percent of people over the age of seventy.

Can a Person Prevent Barnacle Aging?

Currently not preventative measures exist for barnacles of aging. The darkness may be increased with exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun but they come with aging. The appearance may be delayed by proper moisturizing of the skin. Age increases the number of growths.


Doctors will use a magnifying glass and a bright like to inspect each growth for a diagnosis. When it is difficult to distinguish between the sebhorrheic keratoses and skin cancer because of the color then a biopsy is done.

No real threat is posed to your health even though Barnacles of Aging is unattractive. Unless they itch or become very large there is no reason to be alarmed. When they grow on the facial area you may consider removing them. It is a simple procedures that only requires a local anesthetic to reduce the pain. You will have some scars left and the healing process can take awhile.

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