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If you are covered with freckles you are likely looking for the perfect freckle removal method. Areas of the skin frequently exposed to the sun may develop freckles which are tiny to large flat spots. The arms, hands, face, shoulders, chest and back are the most affected areas. Children and people with fair skin are most likely to have them. Due to a generic link, red haired persons are more prone to freckles. Ephilides is another term for freckles. An accumulation of pigments in the skin cells causes the brown color. In the summer freckles are prevalent and then during the winter months they fade because the new cells are replacing the old ones. When a person gets older the freckles will become less visible. Age spots are different from freckles since they only appear when a person reaches forty. During the winter months, age spots won’t fade. There are a number of ways to use freckle removal and the best seems to be freckle laser removal.

What Causes Freckles?

A pigment called melanin is produced in the skin cells which give the skin color. The skin produces more melanin in order to protect cells beneath the surface when it is exposed to sunlight. When melanin builds up in just one spot it causes flat brown spots. When exposed to more sunlight these spots get darker. The skin layers begin to thicken when they are continually exposed to sunlight. Freckles aren’t found as much in people with darker skins than with those who have blonde or fair skin.

Freckle Removal Methods

Bleaching Agents: This is the most common method which doesn’t have a permanent effect. The bleaching agents attempt to fade the color of the spots so that they will be able to blend in with the rest of the skin surface. The freckles often appear more prominent because the surrounding skin is either colored more darker or lighter. Burning of the skin can also result from bleaching agents.

Cosmetic Covering: If the freckles are light this can be effective, but it won’t work on darker spots.

Liquid Nitrogen Freeze: This option is more effective than cosmetic covering and bleaching. Although this option can lead to damage of the surrounding skin areas.

Retin-A: This is a very effective method, but it can take a few months to see results.

Natural Ways: One of the ways is to wash your face with sour milk. Because of the lactic acid is prevents peeling and smoothes the skin. Other effective methods include masks from strawberries, cucumbers, apricot and sour cream. To keep spots invisible you can apply lemon and parsley juice.

Freckle Laser Removal

The most effective freckle removal method is freckle laser removal. There are a number of available laser treatments that are safe. A laser projects an intense light on the area that is affected, causing the light to be absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin and melanin so that the darker cells are destroyed and the healthy cells are left in tact. Your will need to protect your eyes from the intense light by wearing goggles. The light is directed using a very thin piece of equipment.

Pulsed Laser Treatment

The pigmented spots absorb the visible light from a laser while the heat from the light causes a therapeutic effect. You will feel a mild pinching sensation but there is no anesthetic required. The entire treatment process lasts only a few minutes. Immediately after treatment the spots will get darker and the surrounding skin will be red. After a few treatments the skin will start to peel and the dark spots will gradually fade and then disappear. For light freckles you often only need one or two treatments. When he spots are darker then freckle removal will take longer. If you use sun protection lotion and avoid excessive exposure to the sun the spots should not reappear.

Advantages of Freckle Laser Removal

The entire treatment process only takes a few minutes. You don’t need to have any anesthetic. Within three to four weeks of your treatment you will start to see positive results. There is minimum damage to the skin and discoloration. There is very little after care and very little discomfort during the procedure.

However, unless you protect your skin, freckle removal by laser will only help for one summer. There is always the small chance that the treatment can result in worse pigmentation. You should request a test of a specific spot first for this reason to make sure treatment will work for you. To prevent freckles from becoming worse you should take precautions such as wearing a hat, sunscreen and using regular masks.

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