Lymphomatoid Papulosis

This is a skin disorder that can be found on many parts of the body. The main areas under risk is the chest, arms and legs, but it has also been reported to occur on the back. A rash will appear on these parts of the body. The rash will usually be red or in some cases brown and has some similar characteristics of other rashes. Although it also has characteristics that are different form other rashes. This condition will have an almost crusty surface to the rash. The problem with this condition is that the first set of bumps will heal easily in about two to three weeks. Then a new set appears on the body. It is most common in women.

What to Expect

What you have to expect isn’t very nice. The rashes first appear on one part of your body. You will avoid scratching and then be relieved when the bumps or rashes disappear after a couple of weeks. However, they don’t disappear entirely and often re-form on another part of the body which will continue the need to scratch. You should look out for rashes that are red or brown and have a crusty surface. For the rest of your life this will continue since there is no known cure for this skin disorder.

Age Group

It can be hard to determine the age group. Before any type of age group can be suggested there are a few facts that need to be considered. The most important fact is that this disorder can turn into cancer. When people are in their late twenties to early thirties they are more likely to get cancer. These ages seem to be the most common although cancer does happen in all ages. The disorder also seems to be more common in women. Men do get it as well and it is unknown why the ratio is higher in women. Therefore the most popular age group for this condition seems to be between 26 and 34. All ages can get this skin disorder and it is by no means limited to this age group.

Diagnosis and Testing

Diagnosis is not easy to do. There isn’t a lot of knowledge about this disease since it only became public in the 1960s, so there hasn’t been a lot of research into this disorder. However, there are way to detect the condition. Since there is small knowledge of this condition the diagnosis is usually correct if you have this skin disorder.

Treatments for Lymphomatoid Papulosis

Unfortunately this condition has no known treatments at this time. This is because the disease hasn’t been in public light for a long time. Many don’t even know this condition exists. Research is focused on why the disease appears in the first place. Once the condition is correctly identified then focused can be placed on fighting it. Cortisone treatments have been suggested to help heal the condition, but it doesn’t work in all cases.

Complications of Lymphomatoid Papulosis

If this skin disorder gets out of hand there is one major complication. The skin disorder can escalate into lymphoma if you don’t visit the doctor’s regularly with this condition, which is a type of cancer. Although this isn’t highly common since only one in ten result in lymphoma. Although regularly meeting with your doctor will ensure you aren’t the one.

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