Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

This disease is commonly caused by shaving. Other names have been given to it during the time it has been around. Some other names include Barber’s itch and tinea barbae. People with curly hair are also likely to get it, especially African and African American men. Figures show that up to sixty percent of African and African American men may encounter the skin condition during some point in their lives. The problem is that when the men are done shaving some pointed curved hairs can grow back and get into the skin which results in inflammation. A form of scarring can result that looks like rough bumps around the beard area including the neck.

Causes for Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

The main cause is shaving. It is a foreign body reaction to the highly curved hairs that grow back into the skin. Often this growth causes inflammation. The main culprit is the blade shaving since it causes the hair ends to sharpen. Over time a repetition of this inflammation will cause semi-permanent hard bumps to grow on the beard area and neck. The actual meaning of the term pseudofolliculitis barbae is ingrown hair.

Treatment of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Clearly it is more of an irritation than an actual skin infection. There is no serous symptoms either. As a result the most medically advised treatment is for individuals to grow their beard back. To help curb the irritation from hairs growing back the only effective method is to grow a beard. The use of special razors have bee advised by some dermatologists but the results of this treatment vary between individuals. Not shaving daily and using a electrical shaver instead of a traditional razor blade are some other options. A practitioner or dermatologist can prescribe certain products to help keep the hairs on the face soft and eliminate the skin irritation. While shaving the skin should never be stretched and the beard growth grain should be used.


Through the dedication of working with a dermatologist most men can return their skin to normal. Laser treatment is recommended in severe cases. However this is usually an expensive alternative. Patience and adherence to instructions is the key to recovery. If a person resumes their old habits there is a chance that the condition can return.

Effects of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

There are no medical effects of the condition, but that unsightly appearance can cause emotional distress to a person with this skin disorder. To avoid the emotional effects a person should seek medical help as soon as possible. The hair growth doesn’t affect a persons health, but it can effect their self-esteem.


The cause of this condition is known. Letting the beard grow back instead of constantly shaving the beard away can prevent more problems over time. You can also buy special razors in an attempt to curb the problem and prevent its return. You can’t stop the condition entirely but you can make sure you have the right equipment to help fight it effectively. You can easily return your skin to normal. While it is harder for some than others you can do it if you are dedicated and work with your dermatologist. An alternative is always laser treatment in severe cases. If you are going to recover you should always remember that you will need patience and the ability to follow strict instructions. You cannot return to your old shaving habits when your skin returns to normal since this will increase the chances of pseudofolliculitis barbae returning.

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