Facial Massage: Effects, Importance and Use

Importance of facial massage

Facial massage helps you to remain beautiful, youthful and have healthy skin. Facial massage can slow down your ageing. Damaged skin looks like really bad, like a deflated balloon. Facial massage can rejuvenate your skin and make it look better.

Skin gets damaged and loses elasticity due to:

  • UV rays
  • Dehydration
  • Aging

Also people with oily skin secrete excessive sebum that clogs the pores, making the skin susceptible to acne and rash.

Effects of skin massage

Massage is the self exercise for your skin. It works deeply in to skin, cleans the rooted dirt and it also improves blood circulation and relieves stress.

Results of facial massage

Facial massage results in fair and smooth skin. The skin's elasticity also replenishes. It becomes more translucent and it has a healthy glow.

Working of facial massage

Dirty particles embedded in the skin are responsible for acne and rash. They cannot be removed by washing. Facial massage and mask increases the, the skin temperature, opening the pores and removing these particles. Correct method of facial massage By a moderate massage, the skin temperature rises, improving blood circulation and the ingredients contained in the massage formula function effectively on the skin. It also has relaxing effect.

Maintain a Healthy Epidermis and Dermis

With age blood circulation becomes bad to worse. When blood circulation is improved with facial massage and mask, sufficient oxygen and nutrients are transported to create a healthy epidermis and dermis.

The Skin's Sauna Effect is Facial Mask

By entirely covering the skin and increasing the temperature, blood circulation is improved and ingredients in the mask formula function effectively on the skin.

The do's of facial massage

  • The frequency of massaging should be appropriate for the skin's condition. Those who fear skin problems may continue a gentle, effective treatment on a daily basis, limiting the time to short periods. For those who do not routinely massage their skin, massage every 3-4 days with a massage product.
  • Use your entire palm when massaging a wide area.
  • Use generous amounts of massage cream, especially for those who have dry skin.
  • In the direction of facial curves, massaging should be done in a rhythm of inner to outer motions

The don'ts of a facial massage

  • Don't take small amount of cream. If too little massage cream is applied, the hands will not glide over the skin, creating excessive stimulation.
  • Don't use just your finger. When using just your finger, the skin suffers too much stimulation.
  • Don't massage in irregular directions. If you do not massage in the direction of facial curves, wrinkles can be formed.
  • Don't go for excessive massage. Excessive massaging can over stimulate the skin.

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