Oily Skin: Causes and Treatment

Irrespective of the age oily skin has always been looked upon as a liability brought upon you. The resultant shininess on the face and the greasy feeling that accumulates grime and dirt is not liked by most owners of the oily skin. The cure or solution to the oily skin is very simple and gentle than normally conceived by many.

Firstly, we have to analyze the reasons for having an oily skin. Secretion of sebum (the natural built-in moisturizer) in excess quantities by oil glands is the main cause for oily skin. Accumulation of sebum makes the skin texture heavy and thick, the result, greasy or oily feeling. This excessive secretion, when not taken care of, results in shiny skin and causes blemishes and pimples. This type of skin which has active oil glands tends to age slower than other types. Wrinkles and sagging are less likely to appear prematurely. Proper care should be extended to an oily skin so that it turns into an asset in the years to come, when ageing sets in

The oily skin, if not treated, will lead to blackheads (due to clogged pores) and builds dead skin cells, rendering the skin difficult to maintain. Complexion becomes sallow looking and pores become visible.

There is no quick solution to oily skin. Treating oil skin needs a little patience and perseverance since it takes some time to treat. The problem of oily skin has to be treated internally and may need professional medical help. In most cases oily skin is controlled but not resolved. Even in cases of control, skin condition improves and is less greasy.

Treatment of oily skin involves removal of excess sebum without drying up the skin. Too much of removal results in negative results, since it would only stimulate the oil glands to produce more and more sebum to make up for the loss.

The right method is to clean the skin with a mild detergent that contains no fatty substances or oils. These kinds of detergents remove the excess sebum that cause grime accumulation, at the same time removing the grime. Removal of surface grime will help reducing formation of blemishes and pimples. Some detergents contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, exposing a new layer. Using these regularly will help. Always follow up the AHA wash with application of water based moisturizers to compensate the dryness arising out of the wash.

Always avoid use of alcohol based astringents to clean the excess oils from your face. Use the milder varieties, since excessive cleaning will again promote production of more sebum due to dryness.

Do not scrub your face, just cleanse your face twice a day, since the friction created by fingers while cleansing is enough to remove the dead skin.

Being the owner of an oily skin, it is always advisable not to use moisturizers on a daily basis. Also avoid emollients containing butter extracts and mineral oils as they will only help to replenish the oil content in your skin.

Choosing oil-free makeup products are advisable especially for flush and foundation. Use water based products since they will not clog your pores. The oily or shiny look can also be avoided by choosing foundations designed to absorb oil.

While going outdoors, use non-oil based sunscreen, especially gels, since they are non greasy. Make sure the sunscreen is at least SPF 15.

In case of acne outbursts, your cleanser should contain a small percentage of salicylic acid. Moisturize with a moisturizer containing the same.

Careful with your diet. Oily skin is further aggravated by starch, processed food and sugar. Stick to a low-fat diet rich with fresh vegetables, fruits and grain. Intake of fluids is very important for maintaining a good skin tone, consumption of at least 3-4 litres a day in form of juices, tea or just plain water is recommended. Consumption of vitamins and minerals is important especially vitamins A, B complex and C.

Creating a glowing and non-oily skin is a time consuming process and the results are long lasting. A little bit of discipline and tenacity will go a long way in ageing your skin gracefully

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