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Following the age-old adage prevention is better than cure; the best way to treat stretch marks is treating them right from the moment they are taking form. Early preventive measures counterbalances the skin’s failing elasticity; vitamin E rich oils like almond oil does a fine job as one of the effective stretch marks oils. But knowing the reason behind the formation of stretch marks allows fighting it better and also helps to select the appropriate stretch marks oil. So, a bit of medical science here.

Almost all of us have heard about collagen - the component that repairs and rejuvenates dead skin tissues. This collagen is a protein-rich compound; under-replenished collagen is the main culprit in most of the cases and stretch marks oils rejuvenate this important compound by removing damaged skin tissues and replenishing the middle-skin layer, thus filling up the stretch marks. Collagen’s operative ingredient being vitamin C, a diet or oil rich in it can put stretch marks under control. Also, vitamin K and lavender oil are beneficial when it comes to treating stretch marks.

But if you like a blend of everything nice or is a concoction freak, you may consider the following methods.

Mix 2 Tablespoons of each of the mentioned items together:

  1. Wheat germ oil
  2. Light sesame seed oil
  3. Apricot kernel oil.
  4. Vitamin E capsules broken and mixed into the mixture (optional).
    • The mixture is to be heated gently until they blend together and take an even coloration. This is best applied lukewarm in lavish amounts on the thighs, hips, abs, lower back and upper arms. It also stimulates the skin's circulation bringing in more nutrients to the areas. This also decreases cellulite. The mixture is to be preserved in a covered jar.
    • Wheat germ oil can stimulate tissue generation besides bringing on some wonderful antioxidant effects. But a base oil (olive or sweet almond oil) is important to counterbalance its rather strong odor and stickiness. It’s rich in minerals, vitamin E and proteins and can also reduce wrinkles, eczema and  psoriasis.
    • Mix 1/2 a cup of virgin olive oil with 1/4 of a cup of raw Aloe Vera and the inside content of a good vitamin E capsule (6 in number) along with 4 capsules of vitamin A. The concoction is to be refrigerated first and then stored in a covered jar. Daily application shall fade the marks considerably.

A vigorous massage with any over the counter stretch marks oil rich in Vitamin E is a tried and tested remedy that requires gentle to medium-strength circular strokes to bring the maximum effect. Other effective stretch marks oil includes several other natural and herbal essential oils. The name of tea tree oil requires a special mention here and though not exactly a member of the oil category, peanut and cocoa butter together with molten bee-wax is a powerful medication. Else, if you can stand the smell, cod-liver oil can work miracle over a given length of time.

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