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The purpose of this site to is provide quality information for the greater good of the general public. The content on this site cannot be used for trading purposes. SelfHelpBible.com shall not be held liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, which result from the use of the content or reliance upon any information on this web site. We do not personally endorse the views or opinions given on this site. Acting on any information on this site should be done, solely at your risk. 

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Your privacy is always of vital importance to us. We will treat your information with the respect it deserves. If this site provides external links, SelfHelpBible.com will not be held liable for the privacy policy of the third party site. 

  1. SelfHelpBible.com does not request any confidential information in order for you to view or access the site. Therefore, we will not be held liable for confidential information sent without request.
  1. SelfHelpBible.com will not sell, e-mail, provide or submit any personal information that is submitted to us without your written consent. It will be kept completely confidential to protect your privacy and will be only used for internal purposes. It is completely optional for you to provide information to us. The information you provide is only kept to improve the quality of service, which we render to you.
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