Tips for Rinsing and Washing your Hair

Before heading off to work most people get their showers each morning. Although this may not be the best thing for certain hair styles to have healthy hair. If over washed some hair styles may become dry, brittle and frizzy. How often do you need to wash your hair to get the best results?

When to Wash

A daily hair rinse will benefit those with fine and thin hair or anyone with a short hairstyle. Fine hair is likely to become flat and greasy looking if it is left unwashed for too long because of the natural oils on the scalp. Short hair also becomes greasy rather quickly. It is best to pick a gentle shampoo with every shower and then follow it with a light conditioner and in some cases a detangler.

It is best to wash two or three times a week if you have long, thick, curly hair or any combination of these. The ends of these hair types will become dry very easily. This is because the scalps natural oils that help moisturizer the hair take a while to reads the ends and is often washed away before it gets there. If you wait a day in between shampoos these natural oils stand a better chance of lubricating and conditioning the hair. It is best to dry style your hair or rinse it with warm water when you don’t wash your hair, condition and then dry style as usual. For these hair types you should use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

It is a good idea to do a hair rinse at least one to two times a week if you have very dry, kinky, African-American and/or chemically processed hair. These types of hair are very dry and naturally very porous and they can be severely damaged by perming solutions, straighteners or colorings. These hair styles benefit from as little washing as possible, plus you should use heavy conditioning packs every week. You should use a shampoo that is specifically formulated for chemically processed or African-American hair which gives more moisturizer than regular shampoos and is more gentle. The shampoo should be followed by a thick conditioner.

Hair Rinsing Tips

There is several ways that you can go wrong with washing and rinsing your hair even though it seems like an easy take and you could end up damaging your hair if you don’t wash is properly and condition it. You can keep your hair clean, shiny and healthy with the following few simple guidelines.

You should only use a shampoo that is specifically formulated for your hair type. You should purchase several different types of shampoo if you have several different hair types in your household. For your hair it is important that you select and use the right type of shampoo.

It is helpful to use a conditioner. You can use either a leave in spray conditioner or a regular wash-in conditioner. It is best to towel and air dry the hair once you have rinsed it if possible since blow drying can break the ends of the hair. Trimming the split ends from the hair along with discontinuing blow drying will help drastically change the appearance of your hair. It is best to brush with a hundred strokes once it is completely dry to give your hair a satin look. Additional damage can be caused if your brush you hair while it is still wet.

You will see benefits to the look and feel of your hair within a few weeks if you do these tips on a regular basis. You will have a beautiful shin and a bouncing appearance. You should periodically alternate your shampoos to keep your hair looking fresh and beautiful.

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