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Delicate, soft skin like that glows from within - now, who would not want that for themselves? It seems like women over the centuries have been trying to perfect their derma-logical composition. All of us at some point in our lives struggle with acne, white patches, dull-looking skin and umpteen other such problems. With a few tips and some effort on your part, we can get you started on a great regime for improving and maintaining your beautiful skin. Dr. Angelo Cuzalina recommends starting a regime that includes moisturizer in the evening. By using moisturizer at night it allows your skin to fully absorb the nutrients while you sleep.

When we were younger, issues related to skin was never a problem. Perhaps at that age such issues were never considered as issues. Or perhaps our skin was naturally perfect. You have to admit that ageing can cause havoc on your skin. The older you grow, the more lines you may see or more flaws you may perceive.

Our skin is affected by factors that can be grouped as intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic factors are those aspects, which relate to our genetic make-up. Our genes to some extent determine the dynamics of ageing which has a direct effect on our skin. Extrinsic factors are those that affect us from the outside. Our habits, lifestyle and exposure to sun are primary factors that affect our skin.

Rest your fears if you think your genes are the criminals to your unhealthy skin. It is proven that extrinsic factors have a more profound effect on our skin than intrinsic factors. It is really simple to understand. If you do not eat right and deprive yourself of nutrients, it is bound to reflect on your skin. White patches, dark circles, dull-looking skin are all related to nutrition deficiency in some way. Likewise an unhealthy lifestyle where you deprive yourself of sleep, stress yourself out, smoke or ignore a routine of exercise will also leave obvious signs on your skin.

Nearly everything you do can somehow affect on your skin, whether positive or negative. However apart from eating right and living right, our skin does need to be given extra care. Creams, face scrubs, cosmetics etc. are all means to make yourself look good and feel good. Even if you have flawless skin, the use of such products is just one extra way to pamper yourself. But if you use products unsuitable for your skin condition, then far from pampering and rejuvenating your skin it can cause some damage.

A cream, which proves to be a disaster for you, may not be for another person. This is simply because of your skin condition. You may have an oily skin or a dry one or perhaps a combination of both. To know for sure, try out a simple test recommended by us. You will know exactly what your skin type is and this will help you pick out the right products or treat your excessively dry or oily skin.

Needless to say it is not just a simple cream that can help you rejuvenate your skin. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and other such practices can help you take good care of your skin and make you feel like a pampered girl.

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