Celebrities Secrets and Tricks

Celebrities are a part of our everyday life - whether on television, the big screen on or billboards. You really cannot escape them or their fit bodies and gorgeous looks. Most people may argue that they assert a negative influence on youngsters pushing them to starve in the hope of achieving a Barbie doll look. But the truth is that celebrities fascinate us and can motivate us to exercise regularly or stop us from eating an extra helping of chocolate cake. All of this is possible as long as you know where to draw the line and keep a firm eye on what is truly important to you in life.

Firstly, it is important to note that celebrities are not perfect. Celebrities may have been naturally blessed with good looks and a fit body but age conquers all. They work hard to maintain every single feature. Bottom line is that celebrities are just humans. They may have a lot of money, a chef from Italy and a personal trainer; but all of this comes at a price. Our lives are comparatively less hectic and less stressful in reality.

Some of us may find excuses that our genes are the true culprits of our weight problems. Yes, genes do pre-determine our development to a certain extent but this does not mean that you cannot fall into a healthy weight range. Take for instance the hot Jessica Alba from the action TV. Show 'Dark Angel'. She says that nearly everyone in her family is heavily overweight. Despite her genes, she seems to have a fit body. Obviously she does not play the blame-game and instead works hard.

Jessica Alba claims that when the urge to eat chocolate cake hits you, you must indulge yourself. That is truly the recipe for success. Starving yourself entirely from your favorite food items will elevate your cravings and push you to binge one fine day.

Every celebrity has his/ her own diet and fitness regimen. Jessica Alba keeps away from bread and desserts but closer home, Raima Sen believes in eating all you want. This simply indicates that what works for one person may not work for another. Genetic factors, our lifestyle and other environmental factors make each of us unique. Therefore it is only about borrowing a few tips from your favorite celebrities instead of trying to replicate their every action.

It is not just great bodies, how about their flawless skin? They have definitely suffered from acne and dandruff at some point too. They just take extra care to remedy it and so can you. They may be born with flawless skin but try staying in the sun for long hours, sleeping at odd times, applying layers of make-up all the time, suffering the intense lights on set - surely it will take a toll on your skin. Using natural remedies and a simple skin care regimen is ideal to keep your skin glowing.

The lifestyle of celebrities is fun to keep an eye on and you may borrow a few tips; but remember to not lose your identity and originality in the process!

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