Aromatherapy Bath: Information and Bath Product

Indulge Yourself in an Aromatherapy Bath

An aromatherapy bath is a perfect way to end a long, busy, and hectic day. Did you ever notice how after taking a shower with a fruit/flower/plant scented soap or bath gel awakens your senses? I have to say that my orange/mango shower gel is what really wakes me up in the morning.

Aromatherapy acts on your sense of smell carrying the natural goodness of the essential oil you used through your entire body and mind providing a pleasant effect. Aromatherapy bath has almost the effect of an aromatherapy massage; it calms your muscles, conditions your skin and soothes your mind and spirit. What more can you ask from a bath?

What are Aromatherapy Bath Products?

Aromatherapy bath products contain special essential oil blends to have maximum impact on your skin and body. They are designed to provide you with relaxation and harmony. Some bath products are:

  • Bath oils - they penetrate deep into the pores providing nourishment to the skin; such oils are vanilla which calms the body and mind, ocean mist which stimulates the senses and lavender which calms and relaxes your entire being.
  • Bath cubes and soaps - aromatherapy soaps are made from herbs, essentials oils, vegetable oils such as Palm oil, Coconut oil or Almond oil. They come in different scents to enhance your senses. Some of these scents include Mango, Coconut, Green apple, Lemmon grass, Peppermint and Citrus.
  • Bath salts/ bath powder - This aromatherapy bath product is simply used by adding it to your bath tub filled with warm/hot water.

This product works great on the muscles and skin cleaning and cleansing out the toxins as well as conditioning your skin. Some bath salts and powders are also designed to heal minor muscle ache, back aches and arthritis. They also come in different colors to delight your eye as well as your mind

Aromatherapy bath products are specially made to let you experience the goodness of a spa in your bathroom. They are simple to use and easy to store. The experience is extremely beneficial to your body and mind; something you will look forward to after a long day at work or if you just plain feel like having an I/Me/Myself evening where all is about you.

Aromatherapy brings you in touch with your inner strength, using it to uplift your spirits and body well being. Aromatherapy can be achieved in many forms, from lighting a candle in your room to just plugging in an air freshener. However the aromatherapy bath is the ultimate pampering home experience which you can achieve in the comfort your bath.

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