Bargain Hunting and the Wholesale Aromatherapy Product

Anyone making their own essential oil blends should consider purchasing a wholesale aromatherapy product. Even if it's just to make gifts over the holiday season, buying in bulk will save you money. Just keep these tips in mind to make sure you're getting the best value for your bucks.


Do check the quality of any wholesale aromatherapy product. Essential oils, for example, should be 100% natural and either "therapeutic grade" or "manufacturer's grade." Avoid cosmetic grade or fragrance oils even if the price is unbelievable.

Do ask about the age of the supplies and storage conditions before you pay. A gallon of essential oil that's been sitting in the sun for days is no bargain. Neither is any two-year-old aromatherapy product with the exception of containers.

Do check online auction sites. They carry wholesale aromatherapy product on occasion, as do sites specializing in liquidation sales. While you might not find exactly what you're looking for precisely when you need it, keeping an eye on these wholesalers year-round can lead to great bargains.

Do make sure you have enough storage space at home to store your new supplies. Fifty pounds of soybean wax might take up more room than you think, and it needs to be kept in a cool, dark, dry area. Most wholesale aromatherapy product needs to be stored away from heat and kept in airtight containers to maintain quality.


Don't buy in bulk a wholesale aromatherapy product you've never tried before. Experimenting like this gets expensive. Go to a local natural food store or craft shop to try sample sizes, particularly of essential oils and herbs.

Don't buy used blending equipment. There's no way to be sure the glass is really clean. The same rule applies to diffusers. There's always a chance that the scent of oils used previously will linger.

Don't neglect the finishing touches if you're buying wholesale aromatherapy product to make gifts! Ribbons, netting, polished stones and other decorative flourishes are also cheaper in bulk. So is wrapping paper! Just keep track of how much your entire order will weigh so you aren't hit by a nasty shipping charge supply at checkout time.

Don't forget to look for the magic words: Free shipping! If you don't see that at your favorite supplier, ask. So many retailers ship bulk orders for free that your wholesale aromatherapy product vendor might throw in the same discount.

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