Aromatherapy Gift for Every Budget

Thanks to the popularity of aromatherapy, you can find an aromatherapy gift for all budgets, from high-end spa packages to homemade candles. Below are some options to consider in order of least expensive to lavish.

Handcrafted Gifts

Making your own aromatherapy gift is easier than you might think, and lets you add a personal touch without busting the budget.

Go to any craft store to find inexpensive candle-making kits with a wide variety of essential oils to add for scent and color. Other kits can show you how to make sweet-smelling soap and bath salts.

You can also buy some pretty netting and ribbon, and then head outside into a garden to gather pine needles, cedar chips, rose petals, or other aromatic ingredients to combine into a simple sachet. This is a great aromatherapy gift project for a child.

For a fun twist, look for trial sizes of lotions and other skincare products in different scents, and add those to your handcrafted gift. Craft stores carry small wicker baskets and decorative boxes to create a lovely presentation of your aromatherapy gift.


Don't overlook your bookstore when shopping for an aromatherapy gift. A good book on herbs and essential oils, particularly with color photos, makes a terrific present for friends that may be interested in making their own scented crafts. A botany book that lists the Latin names of each plant alongside its common name is another useful gift. So is a collection of aromatherapy recipes.

Gift Sets

Nowadays you can find an aromatherapy gift set that combines several forms of relaxation in one box. A massage set, for instance, might contain lotion made from an essential oil, a candle infused with a soothing scent, and a CD of quiet music. One of these sets can turn your aromatherapy gift into a mini-vacation to be enjoyed at home whenever needed.

Some vendors will let you customize the gift set by selecting specific scents and products. Or, you can sign your loved one up for an 'aroma of the month' club.

Spa Packages

While relaxing at home is nice, sometimes you need to literally get away. If your budget for an aromatherapy gift can stretch to a couple hundred dollars, think about booking a session at a day spa. Pamper your loved one with a head-to-toe skincare and massage session. Check local hotels for recommended spas in the area.

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