Buy a Wholesale Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy lovers should consider the idea of wholesale aromatherapy candle purchases. Candles have come a long way, offering light and well being since the beginning of time.

Candles are present in every special occasion of our lives from romantic candle lit dinners to formal dining and holidays. Now, candles have gone a step further and along with the beauty of their light, they can be combined with aromatherapy essential oils and offering twice the benefits.

A Brief History of Candles

Initially candles were made out of bee wax (still are in some countries) from the honey combs of bees. They did not smell great but their use for lighting was indispensable before the invention of electricity.

Paraffin wax and other vegetable waxes are also used to make candles; candles made out of this type of wax are soft and have a very low melting point until a chemical called stearic acid was added to paraffin wax to harden it.

Wholesale candles are usually made out of a variety of wax such as honey well, crafters choice, Cargill and soy.

In 1834 Joseph Morgan invented the cylindrical candles.

Wholesale Candles

Wholesale candles are made either by hand or machine. These candles are usually bought by businesses or individuals for usage such as ceremonies, marriages, birthdays etc.

The wholesale aromatherapy candle is made only for aromatherapy lovers who use them only for aromatherapy benefits such as relaxation, de-stressing and/or invigorating themselves.

Buying from wholesale outlets can net one considerable savings however you must know the product well in order to purchase a large amount of it. If you are not sure of the product, take care before you purchase a wholesale aromatherapy candle from one of the many outlets.

Another advantage of buying from wholesale dealers is that you may get various free accessories to go along with your original purchase. They can vary from a diffuser to candle holders to an aromatherapy burner.

Shop Around

Wholesale aromatherapy candle stores are hard to find in the usual places we shop such as supermarkets or drug stores. You may have to check your area for such an outlet. Some department stores do offer wholesale prices at times depending on the quantity you buy; usually such offers are listed in the sale items and happen only in case the store wants to eliminate that item to make space for a more recent version or type.

Aromatherapy candles are a blessing in any place or home; they set the atmosphere with the intimate light as well as pamper your senses.

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