How to Find an Aromatherapy Store Near You?

Buying aromatherapy products doesn't have to be complicated. You can go to a dedicated aromatherapy store if there's one nearby. But you can also find supplies for making your own products or pre-made items in other places.

Organic Grocery Stores

One of the easiest ways to find the essential oils used to make aromatherapy products is to go to an organic grocery store. You can usually find an entire section devoted to homeopathy and aromatherapy, complete with samples. Like a dedicated aromatherapy store, the quality of the oils here should be high. Check the label on the bottle to be sure.

These stores also tend to carry pamphlets and books on aromatherapy as well, so you can pick up a little knowledge while you shop, as well as items like scented candles and soaps.

Craft Shops

Craft shops usually have a wide variety of different oils and the accessories needed to create your own aromatherapy products. Quality can vary widely, however. Although an aromatherapy store might have higher prices, the quality of the essential oils is usually better.

In a craft shop, if the price seems really low by comparison, you may be buying oil with artificial ingredients and scents. While this might not matter if you plan on making potpourri, you don't want to use anything artificial in any kind of therapeutic aromatherapy product.

Drugstores and Day Spas

If you don't want to bother making your own aromatherapy products or are looking for a gift set, check out drugstores and day spas. Drugstores typically offer a line of candles, body lotions, and soaps in mood-setting scents ranging from tranquil to energetic.

Day spas carry even more elaborate items like facial skincare products and therapeutic aromatherapy treatments that you might not find even in an aromatherapy store. Ask for trial sizes or samples.

Another alternative to an aromatherapy store is a perfume store. Look for a shop that customizes fragrances and you'll probably find some high-quality essential oils for sale. Stores specializing in all-natural cosmetics are another good bet.

There's always the Internet as well. However, when you're experimenting with different scents and oils, try dropping by an aromatherapy store first so you can smell and touch samples firsthand rather than relying on descriptions written online. Aromatherapy is a very sensual process, so it makes sense and will save you money in the long run to try before you buy.

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