Perfect Aromatherapy Gift Basket

Running out of gift ideas? Try pulling together products made from all-natural essential oils to create a customized aromatherapy gift basket. You could order a basket from a vendor, but your options will be limited. With just a little planning however, you can just as easily make your own.

Figuring out what to include in the aromatherapy gift basket is the most challenging part. There are thousands of sweet-smelling goodies out there. Below, you'll find suggestions on how to organize your selection by theme.

Think about the key elements of the personality of the recipient. How do they spend their free time? Are they undertaking any new projects, or simply looking for some pampering? Finally, what sorts of perfume or cologne do they enjoy? The perfect aromatherapy gift basket will be built around the answers to these questions.


If you're creating the aromatherapy gift basket for someone who likes to relax quietly at home, select products and scents that induce an atmosphere of tranquility. Essential oils made from flowers like roses and lavender are a good choice here. You can either buy or make candles, bath salts, and soothing lotions with these fragrances. Think about adding a CD of classical music.


On the opposite end of the spectrum lies the active person. Choose invigorating herbal or citrus scents drawn from essential oils of pine, cedar, lemon, and orange. Combine these into soap and hair care products. To round out the aromatherapy gift basket, perhaps add a yoga mat or an outdoor guide to their favorite activity.


An aromatherapy gift basket doesn't only smell good; it can help heal as well. Some essential oils are known for their antiseptic properties, like lavender or clove oil, while others ease chapped skin or burns. Try buying salves made of these essential oils and combine with a first-aid kit for a gift they'll be glad to have around.


For someone who enjoys taking care of their home and cooking, pack an aromatherapy gift basket with all-natural cleaning products that smell great, like pine oil furniture polish and cinnamon scented candles to turn chores into sweet-smelling fun. Air fresheners made with a few drops of an essential oil like cedar mixed with water will keep their home fresh; so will potpourri. Add tea bags of chamomile to enjoy after the work is done.

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