Aromatherapy Guide: Facts, History and Uses

By now you've probably heard of aromatherapy, perhaps by your "hippie" friend who swears by aromatherapy as a way to fight the common cold, a few wrinkles, or maybe even something more sinister and serious. But if you're still unconvinced by this holistic phenomenon, maybe an aromatherapy guide can help clear up the clouds a bit. Here are some things that a qualified aromatherapy guide should enlighten you with:

The Facts

Before you purchase any aromatherapy product, you should know that it is an all-natural product, derived from plants. The source of aromatherapy is essential oils, which come from leaves, flowers, bark or stems of a certain plant. These oils are totally pure and concentrated and have to be diluted with steam or water and carrier oils to be safe enough to use. If this aromatherapy guide can teach you anything, it's that essential oils are very strong, so it is wise to use them in small doses (whether inhaling or applying to skin).


Along with the facts, this aromatherapy guide must teach you a bit of history. Aromatherapy originated with the Chinese who used it in the form of steaming herbs for medicinal purposes. Aromatherapy continued in future centuries to be used as a form of healing as well as a nice fragrance for the upper-class. Even as science replaced natural herbs with artificial perfumes and oils, aromatherapy continued to be used.

At the moment, more people are becoming health-conscious and are switching to more holistic, natural and wellness orientated ways of living including using aromatherapy in their daily routine.

How to Use

There are many uses for aromatherapy. Let this aromatherapy guide and your friend enlighten you as to what kinds of products come from this significant substance. Aromatherapy oils, lotions and creams are used for external use, while candles and incense can be used for inhalation. Most aromatherapy products can be purchased at any holistic retail outlet, or the nutrition section of most generic stores.

Even if you are skeptical, don't stress yourself out even more by wondering how to take care of all the worries in your life. Use this aromatherapy guide, and try an aromatherapy product. With all the rush of everyday life and the stresses involved, it would be nice to know that you can end the day with tranquil reflection and your favorite aromatherapy product.

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