Know about Lavender Aromatherapy

For those of us who feel down because our job stinks, our significant others are giving us a hard time and we can't seem to focus, there is help. It comes from the purest source; Mother Earth. If you've heard of aromatherapy, which by now you should have, consider trying it as a mood booster.

There are many different types of aromatherapy, but the one that can help fight depression is lavender aromatherapy. Below are some facts on lavender aromatherapy, and why it is so good for your mental well-being:


Aromatherapy consists of essential oils derived from plants. When used independently, or combined with other oils, aromatherapy can have great effects on mood, physical pain and spiritual well being. Lavender aromatherapy comes from the lavender plant, and is believed to balance unstable emotions, put emotions back in control, and to bring logical and rationale back to the mind, helping such medically defined problems as hysteria, panic attacks and anxiety.

These stressors can be brought on by our life situations, chemical imbalances in the brain, or even the cold dreary winter weather we go through every year.

Various Uses

There are many different ways to perk yourself back up during the winter, or any time of the year when you need some light-heartedness. If you are physically stressed out, try taking a hot bath with lavender aromatherapy. Simply drop a few liquid drops into the running water and relax. Or try getting a massage from a significant other. The liquid, once absorbed into the skin will work its way into the bloodstream and into the lymphatic system; thus boosting your health and helping your muscles to relax.

If your need mental relief, light a lavender candle, or dab a few drops of lavender aromatherapy under your nose and lightly inhale. The chemical from the aromatherapy will react in your brain creating a sensation of tranquility.

Sometimes we have real stress in our life, and real stress needs to be dealt with in a healthy, natural way. Diving into a bowl of your favorite ice cream may help with short term relief, but it won't help in the long run. Do the right thing for your mind and body and use lavender aromatherapy during those stressful times. The fragrance will work its way into your system and relax your spirit, making you feel more alive in the end.

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