Lavender: Queen of Aromatherapy Herbs

Lavender may be the most widely used of all aromatherapy herbs. It is beautiful; growing in long purple rows that make you think of Tuscany or Provence. It's romantic; evoking feelings of peace and well-being.

The aroma is calming and soothing, and lavender has medicinal effects in healing burns and wounds, helping digestion and improving respiratory problems. One of the most useful aromatherapy herbs, lavender is well tolerated even by people with allergies, and doesn't cause skin irritation.

Dried Lavender

Lavender blossoms are formed into wreathes, tied into bunches or braided into wands, then dried. Used decoratively, lavender adds color and texture to a room, and the delicate scent lasts for months. Sometimes the buds are stripped from the stems and made into sachets or used in potpourri. Because it aids sleep, lavender is often sewed into pillows, sometimes called "dream pillows."

Essential Oil

Like other aromatherapy herbs, lavender is most therapeutic as an essential oil. It has a wide range of therapeutic uses, including healing wounds and burns, headaches, lung diseases, digestive problems, aiding in sleep and helping decrease the stress response.

When purchasing essential oils, make sure the product is 100% essential oil, and not diluted. Essential oils are best when made from organically grown aromatherapy herbs, because chemical soil additives change the scent. Essential oils are rated for purity on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being most pure.

Essential oils are very concentrated and should be used sparingly. A drop or two in an oil diffuser or on a light bulb ring will scent an entire room. Essential oils can be diluted with carrier oils (such as pure rapeseed or safflower oil) to make massage or bath oil, or to add to unscented shampoos, soaps or lotions.

Cream, Lotions and Bath Products

Lavender is often added to bath products because of its calming effect. Luxurious creams and lotions are also calming and romantic. Lavender massage oil helps relax and soothe sore muscles.

Lavender is safe to use on babies because it is gentle and soothing. Lavender baby powder and lotion help cranky babies relax and sleep, and lavender diaper cream is soothing and mildly antiseptic.

Candles and Room Fragrances

Like lavender wreaths, lavender candles and room fragrances are soothing and romantic. Using lavender scent throughout your home may help relieve mild "blues," especially during rainy weather. The scent of lavender may also help calm agitation in older people with dementia. Some people like to burn lavender candles during large gatherings, to keep tensions from building and maintain calmness and peace.

As with all aromatherapy herbs, not everyone responds to lavender the same way. Even without any medicinal effect, however, most people enjoy the soothing, romantic scent of lavender.

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