Natural Beauty Tips: Diet, Nutrition, Skin Care & Scar Removal

What better way to be beautiful than have healthy skin? Are there natural ways of achieving this? Yes you know there are!


Really in our society we are all tempted by processed foods, and the result is that very few people eat a healthy diet. Typical nutritional substances which are known to promote healthy skin are vitamins A, E, C, omega 3 and 6. Anthocyanin, the red pigment found in cherries and red wine ensures collagen intergrity, and is good to prevent varicose veins, promoting healthy skin, bones and cartilage. Fish offers not only the vitamin A and omega 3, but also vitamin D required for calcium assimilation. Vitamin C is found especially in kiwi fruit. Vitamin E in almonds, and omega 6 in olive oil.

Poor Diet

If you are not eating well then your body is accumulating toxins resulting in free radical damage and aging. Yea wrinkles! Also these processed foods use up the vitamins mentioned above. So for example extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin E required to digest oil. However if you consume low grade oil like greasy fish and chips where the vitamin E has been destroyed by the heat, and the oil itself has become toxic, then you are robbing your body of vitamin e. A similar thing happens when we consume alcohol, white carbohydrates or sugar. During refining the vitamin B (required to disgest these things) has been removed. The end result is that the body is vitamin B deficient. Get it? A western diet shortens your life, robs you of your beauty, and brings a host of unnecessary health problems.

Skin Care

Using vitamin E oil on the skin has been one of the proven beauty tips to prevent the formation of wrinkles in the sun. Vitamin A found for example in cod liver oil, and the commercial beauty products Retinol and Tretinoin. Many will attest to the effectiveness of these products. Other products contain vitamin C. In short natural antioxidants prevent skin damage.

Scar Removal

The essential oil frankincense has long been used to remove wrinkles and birth stretch marks. Its active constituent boswellin is also found in beauty products. It is interesting that the same substances can be effective in preventing allergies. Of course many allergies can also marr beautiful skin.

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