How To Get Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes have been a popular style for quite awhile now and this trend doesn’t look like it will fade anytime soon. Proper blending is the key to getting the best smoky eye look. You should blend the colors of your makeup flawlessly. Rich dark colors should be paired with light base colors. Individuals have used good mixes such as a soft gold base with deep purple on top, a champagne base with bright blue on top and a peach base with green hue on top. All you need is five minutes and the following step by step instructions to get the perfect smoky eyes and achieve the popular look. First you will need to make sure you have the right cosmetic products on hand.

The Supplies You Need

Eye primer is something you should have. It as great product to help keep your shadow in place, but you don’t have to have this product. You will need a light and dark  color of shadow. Eyeliner, makeup brushes and mascara are other things you will need. You are ready to apply your makeup and get the perfect smoky eye look once you have the necessary supplies.

Tips To Get Smoky Eyes

Preparing your eyelids is the first step. The best way to avoid the eye shadow melting into your eyelid crease during the day is to keep your eyelids oil free. An eye shadow base to start with can help this. Before you apply the shadow or an eye primer you can consider applying a bit of ‘paint’ on the lids.

Apply your eyeliner next. Black, brown or gray for the smoky eye are the typical colors, unless you want to try another type of color. Apply whatever color matches the look you are trying for and place it above the upper lash line, with the line being thicker in the middle of the eye. You should try an eyeliner in the color of purple, blue or deep green with violet being an excellent choice if you want a jewel-toned eye.

Having blended color on the bottom lashes is the key to a smoky eye look. You will want a lighter colored eyeliner for this and you want to ‘smudge it’. You can choose to apply a little bit of shadow for the full smudge effect.

You will want to apply a light base color next. Finding the perfect pair between a light base and dark hut is the key to gaining the perfect look. It is a good idea to use a nice cream shade as your base. You should sweep a light, shimmery shadow over the lids to your brow bone. To help it stay on your eyes the moist consistency of the ‘mousse’ will help.

Blend in the darker color next but make sure you keep it below the crease. You want a darker shade for the ye shadow. Blend up using an eye shadow brush to blend the colors together starting at the lash line. The eye liner should disappear at the lash line because of the color blend. You should stop the deep color at the crease. Double check your work and use a q-tip as needed to match and blend the colors. To finish use several coats of volumizing mascara.

Remember it is best to avoid strong makeup on your lips when going for the smoky eye look. You should have strong makeup on both your lips and eyes at the same time. It may be a good idea to try a deep purple or a golden brown rather than the standard dark brown and black since jewel-toned smoky eyes are the most popular.

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