Mineral Makeup: Try Before You Buy

You certainly wouldn’t want to use any cosmetic product regularly without knowing how it will affect your skin, and the use of mineral makeup should be no different. The best way to find that out would be to perform a rudimentary skin analysis. Don’t worry; it isn’t as hard as it sounds and we have outlined the easiest ways doing so below.

Check your skin’s condition

Is your skin dry or dehydrated? Do you regularly use up all your moisturizer long before you use up your cleanser? If this is the case, using mineral makeup may just make things worse. The dry areas of your face require some sort of moisturizing solution for protection, and mineral makeup may just make these parts even dryer.

Dealing with oily skin

Oily skin that requires the use of blotting papers or frequent retouching during the day isn’t a very good base for mineral makeup. Aside from being intended only for one application a day, mineral makeup will likely collect around the sebum or oil producing glands in your nose and forehead, neither of which will give you a flattering look.

A reason to hide

Mineral makeup is ideally suited for light coverage. It is typically applied quite lightly and the intended effect is to enhance the natural color of your skin. If you are accustomed to using a concealer to cover up freckles or a birthmark, you will still have to use such products underneath the mineral makeup.

Laying it on thick

If you are used to applying heavy layers of makeup, mineral makeup is probably not the best option for you. As mentioned earlier, mineral makeup is typically applied quite lightly, and the end result is hopefully a natural look.

Matching your skin tone

Let’s face it; certain skin tones are simply hard to match with many types of commercially available makeup. With such types of skin, using mineral makeup may just make it even more impossible. Most mineral makeup brands come in only three to four shades, which is typically not enough variety for matching skin colors.

Get the lowdown from the experts

A good way to find out whether or not mineral makeup works for you is by simply trying it out for yourself. Go to the cosmetics department of any large department store where they will likely have a selection of mineral makeup brands and talk to the salesperson behind the counter. Ask him or her to give you recommendations based on your skin type and makeup preferences, try them out and wear them for the rest of the day. If you still feel comfortable with your choice at the end of the day, you have probably found the brand that is right for you.

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