Why Mineral Makeup Is Worth Considering

Few makeup products have received as much attention and made as much of an impact in the beauty scene as mineral makeup. Undoubtedly the hottest buzzword in the cosmetics industry over the past 20 years, mineral makeup has attracted scores of new makeup users in droves, many of whom are drawn in by its natural yet striking look, and its ability to be blended to a remarkably flexible degree.

Less is more

Interestingly enough, a lot of makeup is made from the same minerals. The most commonly used minerals are mica, iron oxides, and various types of clays, all of which have actually been used for hundreds of years–long before even the very first cosmetic products were made available on the market shelves. Unfortunately, most makeup brands tend to pile on these ingredients rather heavily, and in the hands of an overeager user, the results could be unflattering to say the least. Mineral makeup however, uses only the minerals that are absolutely necessary in enhancing the appearance, resulting in a more striking yet more natural look.

All the colors you want

Since the colors of the oxides used in mineral makeup are quite bright–in some cases bordering on the overpowering–you will typically need to use less mineral makeup to change your skin’s appearance noticeably. The blending of mica with the oxides has the effect of tempering the color shade and, can even create a sparkling or glowing effect.

Ingredients to watch out for

A mineral makeup brand can only be labeled as “all natural” if it is limited to colors that occur naturally. You should be aware that there are certain brands marketed as mineral makeup that actually use artificial or synthetic dyes. If this matters to you, then you should look at the label carefully before making your purchase.

Another ingredient to watch out for is bismuth oxychloride, which can cause an adverse reaction the skin of susceptible individuals. Since this is often used as filler–though not always (it can also produce a shimmering effect), you can simply opt not to use products that contain this if it causes a reaction in your skin.

Custom options

Most mineral makeup products come in a shaker jar, and are typically sold in loose powder form. There are usually no binders used in the product, unlike most other types of makeup.  This makes mineral makeup a more flexible option as far as blending is concerned. If you want a different shade of foundation or eye shadow, you can simply blend until you get the results that you desire. And when you run out of your favorite color, you can simply purchase the ones that you need.

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