Baby Acne Information

Have you seen acne on babies? How can such cute and small babies get acne? But they get it some times. Parents think that the baby has got some allergy and they start worrying. But you should not worry, as baby acne is common till, maximum six months after birth. These acne look like small pimples. Baby acne till two to three weeks after birth is common.

Baby acne is mainly due to hormonal changes occurring in baby's body. Baby is detached from mother's body after birth. It has to live on it's own. As it starts consuming mother's milk hormones will be passed on to it. These changes in baby's body are responsible for acne. Baby acne is not a serious matter.

It gets acne on forehead, cheeks, arms etc. It is not just limited to oily parts of the body. It might get it anywhere on the skin. Parents' should not worry about baby acne. This is not very serious. It is only due to hormonal changes. These are mainly mild acne. We believe that acne is common among youngsters and adults. But this is a myth. Acne develops due to hormonal changes and same is the case of baby acne. Baby acne looks different from adult acne. They are mainly in the form of white spots on skin.

You should be careful that you do not use adult acne creams and gels for the same. Baby acne requires mild creams and baby moisturizers. The strong chemicals in other acne creams are harmful for baby's skin. This being common should be attended but should not be compared with adult acne by using the same medication for them. Mostly it does not require medical treatment.

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