Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Natural remedies have been the subjects of much discussion over the past several years, particularly in this day and age when terms such as “all natural” and “totally organic” are commonly thrown around in health circles. While there is no denying that certain medications can be quite effective at preventing hair loss, more and more people are looking at natural ways to promote the growth of healthier hair and to prevent its loss. But can these natural remedies really help prevent hair loss or at least retard its progress?  

More than just your diet

Of course the role of a proper diet cannot be discounted as far as your efforts to prevent hair loss goes. In addition to making sure that you get adequate amounts of the proper nutrients in your system however, you may also want to take a closer look at natural herbs that have been shown to play a role in preventing hair loss and promoting overall good hair condition.

What makes these natural remedies so appealing is that most of them are largely free of the harmful side effects commonly associated with hair loss medications. They are also usually a lot less expensive, which makes them ideally suited to regular use.

Common natural hair loss remedies

Among the natural substances used to prevent and treat hair loss are herbs such as nettles, which is commonly available in the form of Nettle Root Extract. This ingredient has abundant amounts of vitamins A and C, both of which are known to inhibiting the production of DHT, which in itself has been tied in with hair loss. Other herbs commonly prescribed to prevent the condition are green tea, ginger, rosemary tea, and even apple cider vinegar.

The wonders of Saw Palmetto

One herb that is receiving a lot of attention recently is the Saw Palmetto. Already thought to play a role in the treatment of prostatic conditions, the herb has shown some promise as an effective hair loss treatment. There is actually a correlation with the herb’s use in the treatment of both conditions, since DHT is also a recognized culprit in prostate conditions. And with overabundance of DHT being a known cause of androgenic alopecia, it only makes sense that the herb used in prostatic conditions be an effective remedy for hair loss as well. Much research still remains to be done in order to determine if Saw Palmetto is indeed as effective for hair loss as it is for prostatic diseases, but with the realization that it can hinder the production of androgens in the hair follicle, it appears that the herb may indeed show some potential as an effective–and natural–hair loss treatment.

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