Hair Loss Treatment Methods You May Not Have Heard Of Before

Rogaine, minoxidil, proper dieting…you may have heard of all of them before and possibly have even tried them all out in your quest to prevent hair loss, but there are still some treatment options that lay just beyond the beaten path. While we aren’t making any claims about the hair loss treatment methods described here, they may just give you successful results when no other methods can.

Rubbing the scalp

This list starts of simply enough with a method that won’t cost you anything and one that you can do by yourself. It involves simply rubbing the scalp with your fingers after first washing your hair with cold water. You will have to rub your scalp until you feel a tingle sensation, with idea being that the friction will cause the revitalization of the sebaceous glands in the scalp.

Amla Oil

This is also known as Indian gooseberry oil, and is made from boiled pieces of Indian gooseberry steeped in coconut oil. Alternately, you may also use a concoction made from gooseberry and lime juice, and applying it to your scalp much as you would your regular shampoo.


Yes, that lettuce! We were just as surprised to find out about it ourselves, although more than a few people attest to its effectiveness. Of course you will have to drink a lot of lettuce juice in combination with spinach juice–as much as half a liter a day in fact–but this will surely benefit your health in other ways even if it does not prevent hair loss.


Another commonly used hair loss remedy, this method involves applying the fresh juice of the leaf directly on the scalp. In addition, to promoting healthy hair growth, it also has the further benefit of keeping your hair soft.


When combined with carrot and lettuce juice in equal measure, alfalfa juice may just be what the hair doctor ordered. Use leaves that are as fresh as you can get them for a concoction that can work wonders for your hair’s growth.


This remedy uses the leaves of the Margosa tree, and is particularly helpful in cases wherein the hair has stopped growing or is falling in large numbers. These leaves also have the benefit of killing lice and other parasites that are commonly found in the head.

Mustard oil and Henna leaves

When boiled together, these two ingredients may just be the cure for hair loss that you are looking for. A good ratio to try out is approximately 250 ml of mustard oil to 60 grams of henna leaves, with the entire brew boiled in a tin vessel.

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