Apple Cider Vinegar and Varicose Veins

What do apple cider vinegar and varicose veins have in common?  Well, nothing really.  Although apple cider vinegar, which many think of as an old wives’ tale, has actually proven to help alleviate the size and prominence of varicose veins, when used accordingly.  How, you may ask, does apple cider vinegar aid in reduction of varicose veins?  If you look at it from a cooking standpoint, vinegar is a pickling or fermenting liquid.  When food is soaked in vinegar, it shrinks up and absorbs the vinegar, which keeps it slightly shriveled looking.  So when apple cider vinegar is either ingested or used topically, it aids in the shrinking of the enlarged varicose veins. 

There are many different ways to take advantage of the healing powers of apple cider vinegar and varicose veins, depending on which a person prefers or finds to work best for them.  According to Health911, there are three or four different known variations of this home remedy.  By either applying the vinegar to the affected areas, or drinking the vinegar in one of two different ways, you will see visible shrinking of these unsightly veins.  Depending on the method used, the results may vary.  For some, no results may appear for up to a month or more.  In the instance of apple cider vinegar and varicose veins, diligence and persistence is the key.

The first known remedy is to soak a towel such as cheesecloth or other thin material, or a bandage in apple cider vinegar, and apply it to the affected area.  To do this, it is suggested that you lie down and keep your feet elevated, while putting the saturated cloth or bandage on the affected area.  Then you simply leave it sit there for about thirty minutes.  This remedy suggests application twice a day, and results won’t be visible for four to six weeks.

Another great home remedy involving apple cider vinegar and varicose veins is to drink it.  Not a lot, and not alone, though.  You will need to mix two tablespoons of vinegar, three of sugar, and a pint of warm water.  This should be taken daily.  Or if you prefer, instead of water and sugar, you can simply mix honey with the vinegar. 

Finally, if neither of these suit your preference, or did not produce results for you, there is one final remedy that may help.  Instead of using cloths or bandages, simply join the apple cider vinegar and varicose veins by using your hands to hold the vinegar over the affected areas.  In addition to this remedy, to get faster results, it is recommended to mix two teaspoons of vinegar with a glass of warm water and drink after each application.

No matter which remedy you choose, apple cider vinegar and varicose veins can provide relief from those unsightly bulges on your legs and feet.  And if home remedy is not your favorite idea, there are many other ways to treat varicose veins including vitamins and supplements, injections, laser therapy, and even surgery.

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