Whitening Complexion: Herbal Ways for Lightening the Skin

Fair complexion is the first requirement for a person to look beautiful. The dark skin could not be converted into a totally fair skin but a noticeable effect could be given.

Following are the Herbal ways for lightening the skin:

  • Make sandalwood paste and mix with rose water and apply it on the face daily.
  • Turmeric powder could also be mixed with sandal wood paste and can be applied on face daily.
  • Apply the seeds of grapes on face and neck.
  • Make a paste of grinded almonds and rose water to make a fine paste and apply it on face and neck. This brings glow on the face.
  • Make a mixture of grinded cucumber and mix it with coconut water and then apply on face.
  • Soak four of almonds overnight. Grind them after removing their skin till they become fine. Add 1½ teaspoon of gram flour or besan, 1 teaspoon of fresh milk and four drops of lime juice. Make a paste and apply it on the face. Massage gently the face after 15 minutes till the paste comes off. Rinse with warm water and then followed by cold splashes.
  • Soak raw potato slices in cold water for 10 minutes. Rub these slices over face, neck and hands

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