Skin Ages: Types and Causes

Throughout the recent history of mankind, a substantial amount of money has been spent on skin firming or anti ageing treatments and medications annually. It therefore becomes imperative that one is informed of skin deterioration due to the process of ageing. This would go a long way in decision making as to how and when to take care of skin and what methods or treatments to use to retain and maintain a glowing and youthful skin.

Ageing of skin is attributable to two factors - Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Intrinsic or Internal ageing

Ageing is a normal and natural process determined by our genes as to how one ages. In some cases ageing sets in earlier, for others it may be delayed. Normally the signs of ageing on the skin become apparent from the mid - 20's.


Extrinsic or External aging

Extrinsic factors contribute more to ageing of skin than the intrinsic ones. Habits, lifestyle and exposure more definitely defines or underlines premature ageing of skin.

Exposure to Sun

The present levels of pollutants and exhaust contained in the atmosphere have made it porous to incoming sunrays, which in turn damage the skin and restrict its ability of repairing itself. Over exposure to sunlight inhibits the production of collagen by the skin. Collagen helps keep the elasticity of the skin intact. The porous atmosphere allows more and more ultraviolet rays to seep through. Exposure to ultra violet rays, even at the rate of a few minutes a day, increases the risk of skin cancer, not to mention the surface damages like rough skin, age spots and freckles In medical jargon, dermatologists call this effect "photo ageing".

Facial Exercise

Facial exercises were prescribed a few years back to control the formation of wrinkles on the skin. Recently, it has been found that these exercises are the primary cause for folds and creases on the facial skin due to muscular contractions. Decrease in elasticity lends permanency to these creases resulting in deepening of facial wrinkles.


Cigarette smoking causes intrinsic and extrinsic harm to the body. The resulting intake of nicotine effects such changes in the body that accelerate the skin cell break down process, not to mention the other harmful side effects.

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