Face Mask: Masks Suited to Your Skin

Face masks have been used as part of beauty treatment since ancient times.During face-lifts, the surgeon gives you a younger face, but it is a fairly expensive process and one can obtain the same benefit of a finer textured skin and better skin tone with face masks.

The regular use of face masks can make us look young and radiant, but it is better to use home-made ones than manufactured ones which contain chemicals and preservatives.The ingredients you have poured into face masks is the deciding factor for how often you should use them.Your age however has nothing to do with it.Thus you can make clay face masks with fuller's earth as the main ingredient, orange face masks, cream masks or a gel mask.Clay masks are spread on the skin surface.They absorb excess oil and dust particles while they dry.Thye tighten the skin and help to stimulate blood circulation.Sometimes they cause discomfort to sensitive skins or dry skins.That is why greasy or harshly textured skins benefit more from these masks.A gel mask however is spread on a clean skin and allowed to dry.In about 10-20 minutes, you can roll it off like a second skin.These masks are peeled off starting from the chin and lifted upwards.With these masks you lift out dead cells and even facial hairs and blackheads.These are useful for all types of skins from normal to dry as well as combination skins, but they cannot absorb body oil like clay masks can absorb it.The cream face masks on the other hand have the consistency of thick cream and feed the skin cells and bring a youthfull look to your skin.They are not useful for young and greasy skins, because they have plenty of oils in them.

How to use a Mask

  • The first step is to equip your makeup kit with a flat wide brush.
  • Avoid fingers!
  • Be sure to knot your hair back, or gather it in a scarf or a headband. Your forehead should be completely visible and free of hair.
  • Wear clothing that will leave the neck area open.
  • Start applying the mask with your brush, using even strokes. Be careful to avoid the lips and the sensitive area around the eyes and include the neck area.
  • Retain the mask for at least 20 minutes (unless a particular timeframe is mentioned on the tube).
  • To remove the mask, moisten with some water and rub it off the skin gently.
  • In the case of peel-off masks, you will have to peel-off! Also rinse the face with plenty of water, incase the layer persists. Use circular strokes.
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