Decreasing Green Tea Caffeine

No doubt, green tea tastes delicious along with having high quantity of antioxidants. But green tea has one drawback which reduces its value. Green tea has a high quaintly of caffeine. Now a question springs up? Whether to stop drinking green tea or not? It carries so high nutritional value that it is not advisable to stop the intake of green tea. Rather it is better to take measures to reduce green tea caffeine and thus you can continue to reap benefits of green tea without worrying about the side effects of caffeine.

Methods to reduce green tea caffeine:

  • First of all, you should check the leaves of green tea you are going to drink. If the leaves are younger, then for sure they are going to have more green tea caffeine content in them. Thus, try avoiding fresh green tea leaves.

  • Secondly, don’t go on the color of the green tea. The colors of green tea can be illusive. Sometimes, as in the case with Japanese green has more caffeine content than in dark tea.

  • Every person has different body tolerance level. You should get familiar with your tolerance level. Experts advise not to take more than 300 mg of caffeine in one day. When compared with other teas; the amount of green tea caffeine is much less but still it is advisable not to intake more then 450 mL of green tea daily. Taking high amounts of green tea can do harm to you rather than doing any good as high amount of green tea caffeine causes various side effects like nervousness accompanied with head aches.

  • You should avoid usage of green tea bags. These bags contain more quantity of green tea caffeine when compared with their open counter parts. Along with this, there is some loss of quality when green tea gets packed. You should try to buy loose green tea leaves, if easily available.

  • Leaves of green tea are reusable and high quality green leaves can be used at least three times before they can be discarded. When you use same leave twice or thrice, green tea caffeine concentration gets reduced and you still enjoy reaping the benefits of green tea.

  • Try not to intake whole cup of green tea at once. As per experts, one cup of green tea has 15 to 75 mg of green tea caffeine in them. The best way is to drink a single cup of green tea in batches and closely monitor your reactions. If your body looks all okay to you, then you can increase the intake of green tea. If you have a feeling of calmness once you intake green tea, it means green tea is working for you.

  • Green tea caffeine dissolves much quickly when compared with other compounds present in green tea. Thus you can always throw first infusion and by this method green tea caffeine content gets reduced by over 70%.

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