Green Tea Facts

Many of the medical reports have proved that green tea is an efficient weight loss drink. It is believed that green tea has got numerous ingredients which act as potential agents against fat molecules in the body. In recent years, health has become the main topic discussion among people no matter of which age. Modern lifestyles have degraded the status of health as food habits and daily habits of people have drastically changed. Many kind of healthy diets have been introduced in the markets that help people to maintain their healthy diet input. Among all those a natural product is gaining popularity and that is green tea. Green tea has now become the ultimate solution for every kind of health problem ranging from heart diseases to cancer. It has been a medically approved remedy that has scope in almost every kind of body problem.

Since a long time green tea has been projected as a powerful remedy against weight loss but before you actually go ahead and adopt it, it is important for you to be aware of green tea facts. How it works and what exactly it does for making your body fit, all these need to be understood first. Green tea is made up of camellia sinensis that are actually fermented to get the herbal decoction. There are many medical properties encompassed by green tea that protects various organs of the body leading them all to function properly. It is mostly used as a remedy for cancer because it helps in protecting cell structures from harmful foreign agents that degrades DNA content of the cell. A reliable natural product is needed as it is devoid of producing any side effects and green tea is the answer. It protects heart, oral system, liver and almost all body organs and acts as a curator for numerous diseases.

You must be thinking that what exactly is present in green tea that has made it so popular among health conscious community. Then let’s have a look on the green tea facts, its ingredients and their role in our bodies. The major quantity of this tea is of polyphenols that acts as anti-oxidants. Anti oxidants are natural substances that act against the free radicals that keep on producing in our body and harm the body’s normal functioning. So to eradicate these free radicals green tea acts as a medicine. Catechin polyphenols are the ultimate key ingredients that are the secret of green tea success, particularly EGCG that is Epigallocatechin Gallate.  It is a powerful anti-oxidant that kills cancerous cells besides retarding its growth. It also lowers the cholesterol content and thrombosis. Thrombosis is the abnormal blood clotting that leads to strokes and heart attacks, thus, EGCG inhibits its formation. There are numerous other benefits that one can extract by regular intake of green tea drink in his diet. Taking it twice a day can really make you feel the difference in your body functioning which ultimately boost up your fitness level. 

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