Green Tea Oil

In twelfth century the Zen priest Eisai called tea as a elixir which makes the mountain dwelling immortal and miracle medicine for maintaining the health. It was a very real fact as tea has its own best natural properties that of medicinal power for healing down from fat burning process to anti-oxidizing the free radicals.

Nature making and benefits of green tea oil

The making of green tea oil is very simple it is product made from air dry tea seeds. This seed gives yellow-golden oil in color same as that of any vegetable eatable oil. But as saponin is present in seed cake, this oil cannot be used for eating purpose. Green tea oil is used for external purpose only like in aches. After drying seed and taking out oil it further goes for refining from which fatty acids are stripped and later oil is bleached. After undergoing all processes of cleaning, green tea oil is ready to use for all different types of product like in cosmetics and creams. Amino acid theanine and caffeine are natural content of green tea which is used in products that are for rejuvenation and relaxation purpose. This green tea oil is not similar as of portable green tea which we can find everywhere as if ingested it will be dangerous.

Oil extracted from green tea plant is used since many centuries for healing body oils. It is very effective healing oil which helps in rejuvenates particular part of body and reducing aches like back ache, headache. Commercial manufacturer doing production of green tea oil packs this oil inside bottle, for the person who rejuvenate and even for professional masseurs.

Apart of that, it is also well known for its fragrance and is found in market in perfume form too. Green tea oil perfume is generally used in home for making home atmosphere delightful and pleasant where its high quality gives a fresh and crisp scent which is excellent to use in any room and can be used daily as room freshener. Production cost of this oil is some what more expensive compared to aromatherapy oil as it is not easily available in market and cost of production is higher than that of other common oils. Though it is expensive compared to other oil many people uses this oil product in regular life as it keeps mind fresh and its fragrance gives relax and makes stress free.

In clinical treatment also green tea oil is proved very much successful same as green tea drinks as it used in many medicines and for medical purpose. These oils are well known when it is for such problems like hepatitis, bacterial dysentery, amoebic dysentery and gastroenteritis. Even green tea is famous for vitamin P activity and anti-atherosclerotic effects thus, it is also believed as real green tea oil since it is product made from tea seed.

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