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Attention, moms and dads! If you are girl parents, you must probably know that the prom day will come one day. Don’t worry too much! Your daughter will be more than happy and satisfied with you if you show comprehension regarding her needs. And let’s face it! For a girl, prom is all about the dress. Once the dress is bought, everything else comes naturally…

Color is one important aspect when it comes to the prom dress. You have to consider of course which your favorite colors are, but remember that color is also a matter of occasion and especially high, weight and style. Why is that? Well, pink can be a great color for a prom dress but if you have never worn pink, do not try it for the first time on your prom day, especially if this color does not characterize you at all. The same thing happens if your favorite color is orange or yellow; you may like such a color but it may simply be unsuitable for a prom dress or, worse it may look bad on you.

There is also the blue dress myth. Blue is a color that symbolizes honesty, truth, wisdom, and inspiration; it has a calming effect and it is considered to be one of the most profound colors. Over the time it has been extremely appreciated by royalty and it has always been associated with a princess’ elegance and beauty.

There is a strong belief that blue has the power of beautifying and transforming a common thing into a special and never-seen-before one. While a black dress may seem too serious and sober, a red one – a dress for those who want to be in the center of attention, a dress that inspires sexuality, a pink one – too girlish or a white one – too bride-like, the blue dress will never fail in being the right one for the prom day. There are, of course, different shades of blue; combine them with countless prom dress models, and there you have an infinite range of blue prom dresses to choose from.

In order to choose the right blue dress you have to take the first step by yourself. Prepare months before the prom. Begin looking through fashion magazines and even go looking for the latest models in special shops. It is good for you to know which the latest trends are when it comes to buy the right dress.

Moreover, if you have in mind a blue dress, be very attentive at the blue shade you choose for your dress. You should previously inform yourself which shade suits you best. Take into consideration your eye color, your hair color and even your skin color. High and weight are also very important. As we all know, lighter shades give the impression of widening, while darker shades are more powerful and have a greater eye impact; they tend to diminish sizes. Basically there are 24 blue shades; the light ones are: baby blue, light blue, periwinkle, powder blue; the medium ones (the ones closed to pure blue) are: azure, blue, cornflower blue, dodger blue, and dark blue; then there are the darker shades (the ones that begin to have different shade influences): cerulean blue, cobalt blue, denim, indigo, International Klein blue, Persian blue, Royal blue and Ultramarine – they all have mauve influences; cerulean and steel blue have green influences and midnight blue, navy blue, Prussian blue and sapphire are very dark shades which are closed to black. Chromatically talking, these all are blue shades.

However, you can possibly imagine yourself in an indigo prom dress or in a navy blue one, unless you want to shock everybody.

The right blue shades that go very well at a prom dress are the light ones, the medium ones and even those that have mauve influences. A brunette, with green eyes can astonish everyone at the prom by wearing an elegant blue-mauve dress. Likewise, a beautiful tall blond may be the princess of the night by wearing a baby blue dress. However, if you are blond, have light skin and light blue eyes, avoid wearing such a dress. A cerulean blue or a dark blue dress would be more suitable in this case.

Whatever shade you choose be sure you buy the right blue dress for you. Take a good friend with you or even ask for your parents advice…the most important thing is to feel comfortable and astonishing beautiful in it.

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Blue Prom Dress Blue Prom Dress Blue Prom Dress
Blue Prom Dress Blue Prom Dress Blue Prom Dress

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